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• 5/29/2018

What about the Crystal Castle?

A question to think about... Everyone knows the Crystal Castle appears at the background of She-Ra's transformation, but it has any importance at all on her powers? If by any reason the Crystal Castle ceases to exist, will she still be able to transform?
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• 9/4/2018
I'm not sure if Crystal Castle ever got a special reason of existance in the show other than being the seat of Light Hope. I don't remember it's significance in the Minicomics. In germany we had some audiobooks about She-Ra, but they were... well... far away from canon and often refered to the princesses of power as fairies (f.ex. Catra was called "the Cat-Fairy"), but there the Crystal Castle was She-Ras seat of power and residence, the most beautiful palace in all of Etheria and Catra and her secret master, the wizard of the volcano, always tried to get the castle for themselves. It was told to be of significance for She-Ra and a source of power, but that was never totally explained.

That's all I remember about it. Hope it helped even if it was not that much about Crystal Castle in the Filmation-Show.
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