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*[[Caz]] (first Jetlag productions appearance)
*[[Caz]] (first Jetlag productions appearance)
*[[Drissi]] (first Jetlag productions appearance)
*[[Drissi]] (first Jetlag productions appearance)
*[[Inner Council]]
*[[Mara]] (first Jetlag productions appearance)
*[[Mara]] (first Jetlag productions appearance)
*[ Queen Marlena] (first and only Jetlag productions appearance)
*[ Queen Marlena] (first and only Jetlag productions appearance)

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A New Beginning is the first episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

Captain Hydron and Lieutenant Flipshot travel across time and space to Eternia to find a legendary hero to help them in their battle against the Evil Mutants. The return home to Primus accompanied by two Eternians: He-Man and Skeletor.

Plot Summary

In the future world of Primus is under attack from the evil Mutants of Denebria, led by the ruthless Flogg. As the protective shield around Primus weakens from attack after attack, so does the Inner Council of Primus - whose collective psychic energies maintain the shield. Master Sebrian, the wise old leader of Primus, has realised that the only hope to save Primus is to find a warrior from the past, someone with 'the power of the good and the way of the magic'.

Gepple, Alcon, Meldoc and Krex - The Scientists of Primus, have created a Time Vessel, which will allow Captain Hydron and Lieutenant Flipshot to travel to the past and bring the hero Primus needs back to the future. They travel back in time, in a unique window of oppurtunity as a time hole opens above them - they arrive on a strange new world, the planet of Eternia. Hydron and Flipshot are soon captured by Andros, a henchman of Skeletor, and brought to Snake Mountain.

Meanwhile, The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull contacts He-Man, and tells him she had a vision - the future of humanity will depend on him. He-Man is confused, and does not wish to leave his family and friends, but the Sorceress tells him there is little time left...

At Snake Mountain, Andros informs Skeletor that the two warriors he has captured are from the future. Skeletor is pleased, as he can take advantage of this oppurtunity to exploit the peaceful people of Primus and their apparently advanced technology. He convinces Hydron and Flipshot that he is the force for good that they seek, and they take him back to their time machine.

Throne room 02

Prince Adam tells King Randor and Queen Marlena of his journey to the future. His parents tell him they will miss him, but are both very proud of him - suddenly, the Sorceress contacts Adam, warning him of Skeletor's latest plan. Adam transforms into He-Man before his parents for the first time, and they are shocked, but incredibly proud of their son. The Sorceress assures the King and Queen that Eternia will soon be a land free from Skeletor.

He-Man races to confront Skeletor as he prepares to board the time machine, and warns Hydron and Flipshot they have been tricked. Skeletor attacks He-Man, and the two begin to fight, but the time hole is closing fast - Hydron and Flipshot have no choice but to take both He-Man and Skeletor back with them. They shove He-Man and Skeletor into the time machine and they have soon travelled into the future, and returned to Primus.

As they leave the time machine, Master Sebrian is confused over who is the hero he seeks, when suddenly, the Mutants make it through the shield. Flogg and his henchmen - Slush Head, Hoove and Karatti - attack the Primans, and Skeletor quickly reveals his true colors and attempts to kill Sebrian and the others. Sebrian orders Hydron and Flipshot to take the young shepherds Drissi and Caz to the underground city of Onnor. He-Man quickly defeats the Mutants, who flee to their ships, but not before Skeletor jumps aboard Flogg's shuttle pod.

He-Man reverts to Adam, and insists that his identity remain a secret. Sebrian tells Adam he will now be Adam his nephew, a trader from the floating city of Levitan - he shall live in his home. Adam pledges to protect the people of Primus.

Aboard the Mutant Mothership, Skeletor introduces himself to Flogg, and they form an alliance, although Flogg insists he remain in charge.


  • After boarding the Velocibus in Onnor with Hydron, Flipshot begins to panic when the vehicle refuses to move. Hydron tells him to relax and asks U-R for help using the vehicle's intercom.

Galactic Guardians


  • Alcon (first Jetlag productions appearance)
  • Gepple (first Jetlag productions appearance)
  • Krex (first Jetlag productions appearance)
  • Meldoc (first Jetlag productions appearance)


  • Caz (first Jetlag productions appearance)
  • Drissi (first Jetlag productions appearance)
  • Inner Council
  • Mara (first Jetlag productions appearance)
  • Queen Marlena (first and only Jetlag productions appearance)
  • King Randor (first and only Jetlag productions appearance)
  • Master Sebrian (first Jetlag productions appearance)
  • Sorceress (first Jetlag productions appearance)

Evil Mutants

  • Crita (first Jetlag productions appearance) (non speaking role)
  • Flogg (first Jetlag productions appearance)
  • Hoove (first Jetlag productions appearance)
  • Karatti (first Jetlag productions appearance) (non speaking role)
  • Optikk (first Jetlag productions appearance)
  • Slush Head (first Jetlag productions appearance)

Evil Warriors

  • Andros (first and only Jetlag productions appearance)
  • Skeletor (first Jetlag productions appearance)





Behind the Scenes


  • When the Mutants are cowering before Skeletor on their Mothership, Crita pops up behind some machinery, but the first few frames of her movement are missing, causing her to suddenly appear out of nowhere.

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