A Plague Upon Primus is the 36th episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

Crita unleashes a Fear Gas that turns all the males of Primus into cowards. Only women and Mutants are immune. He-Man and Gleep head to the moon Enos to find a cure while Mara and Drissi lead the women of Primus to protect their planet.

Plot Summary

In Gorn City on Denebria, Skeletor demonstrates his latest weapon to Flogg, Quakke and Crita: a Fear Gas Cannon that will turn any male human into a lifelong coward. Women and mutants are immune to this gas, so Crita is selected to lead the attack on Primus.

On Primus, Gleep, with silent support from Sagitar, is commenting on the Bolajet Speed Race at the Bolajet Speedway. Spinwit and Tuskador are racing against Mara and Drissi. Spinwit cuts Mara off and claims first prize, to the dismay of the others. Then Flipshot calls the Guardians by Portable Vision Phone, saying that he and Kayo are approaching Primus in the Colossus. On their patrol, they found an abandoned ship drifting in space and took it with them to be analyzed.

Crita was hiding inside the ship and ambushes the two Guardians with the Fear Gas gun. She then uses the ship to spread the gas over the racing circuit, causing all the men to become cowards. Adam of Grayskull manages to transform himself into He-Man before he inhales the gas. He-Man saves Spinwit from crashing and approaches the Colossus after forcing it down. But Crita hits him with an extra potent dose of Fear Gas that even affects the most powerful man in the universe. Crita explains about the gas to Mara and Drissi before Gleep manages to contain her.

Although affected by the gas, Master Sebrian, Mara helps him to concentrate on finding a solution. The healing waters of the Fountains of Enos could be the antidote to the Fear Gas. Unfortunately, Gleep says the location of the fountains has been lost for hundreds of Telks. Crita escapes in an Astrosub and is sure to tell Skeletor about the fountains. But He-Man reveals that he was only faking being affected, and wanted Crita to escape so he can set a trap for Skeletor. He and Gleep will travel to the moon Enos, while Mara and Drissi will lead the women of Primus to defend their planet.

Skeletor and the Mutants launch their Shuttle Pods from their Mothership to attack Primus as well as the Starship Eternia heading for Enos. The way of the magic leads He-Man and Gleep to the lost fountains, but Skeletor, Quakke and BH are already there. Meanwhile, Critta, Flogg and Slush Head lead their Mutant Troopers in a ground attack on Primus, piloting Terrorclaws and Terrortreads. However, they are surprised to find themselves opposed by a squadron of Astrosubs flown by the women of Primus.

He-Man pretends to be afraid of Skeletor at first, but soon reveals his true self and the begin to fight. Gleep manages to fend off Quakke by spraying a slippery substance at him. After the Mutants make their retreat, Gleep freezes the waterfalls so they can transport some of the water back to Primus. Mara and Drissi have lost several Astrosubs to the Mutant forces and are afraid the battle is lost, but the Starship Eternia arrives and He-Man uses his sword to turn the molten water into rain, which restores the men of Primus to their usual heroic selves. The Mutants are soon driven off planet, and Mara and Drissi pick up two of the mutant weapons to shoot down another two Shuttle Pods out of the sky.

When He-Man and Gleep exit the Starship they are treated as heroes, but He-Man humbly states the importance of the women of Primus' efforts. Soon, there is another Bolajet race, and this time Mara and Drissi take first place.


Flipshot is tanning on the beach. Mara and Drissi, who are playing a ball game, remind him to use sunscreen or wear a hat. When Flipshot hears that too much sun can make his skin age faster, he hurredly puts on some sunscreen.

Behind the Scenes


  • In the opening scene, Quakke says "I hope it's to buy us some pitchers of lemonade", but Skeletor is seen moving his mouth instead.
  • When Skeletor appears on the Starship Eternia's view-screen and demands an update from Crita, he leans forward and his shoulder pad crosses the boundaries of the monitor screen.
  • When Drissi and Mara run up to Crita after He-Man is down on his knees, Mara briefly freezes in a running pose with her hair flowing upwards.
  • While waiting for He-Man on Enos, as Skeletor says "He-Man is about to make his grand entrance", the mouth part of BH's face is colored Grey like his helmet instead of flesh colored.
  • When Mara and Drissi are standing by the Vasionic Resonator in Onnor , the Inner Council is completely absent.
  • When Drissi exclaims 'We've lost another Astrosub' and Mara replies, neither of them is wearing a pilot helmet. Then it cuts back to Drissi and she is wearing the helmet.

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