Adam's Adventure is the 23rd episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

Using the newly perfected Brain Wave Detector, Skeletor records an image of He-Man's brainwaves so he can keep track of him at all times. But when the Evil Mutants capture the Starship Eternia, they are surprised to find no sign of He-Man aboard.

Plot Summary

Aboard the Mutant Mothership, the Tech Mutants hand over a device Skeletor has requested them to create: a Brain Wave Detector. It can pick up and analyze people's brain waves from miles away. Skeletor promises Flogg that this device will provide the destruction of He-Man.

On Primus, Gepple and Meldoc are about to demonstrate their new Growth Accelerator Pill, which will increase the size of all of Grot's crops. the pill works better than expected and instantly sprouts a giant plant, taking He-Man's Astrosub up with it. When the vehicle dislodges and almost crashes on top of the scientists and Drissi, He-Man catches it and takes off, having just received a distress call from Sagitar.

The Evil Mutants are attacking the planetary shield around Primus and the Galactic Guardians are on the scene to protect it. They include Hydron & Flipshot in the Starship Eternia and He-Man, Sagitar and Tuskador flying Astrosubs. But Skeletor's real reason to be there is to record He-Man's brainwave paterns with the Brain Wave Detector. He turns his Shuttle Pod and leaves as soon as he achieved his goal, leaving He-Man wondering what Skeletor was up to.

Soon Skeletor shows Flogg and Slush Head how he is tracking He-Man's brainwaves. He is unaware that He-Man has changed himself back into Adam of Grayskull to meet Mara in Levitan with Master Sebrian. Once there, Gepple and Krex excitedly join the Primans to board the Starship Eternia to witness the tri-solar eclips from space.

The Mutants are aware that 'He-Man' is aboard the Eternia and heading their way. Skeletor instructs Flogg to capture all aboard and take them to Denebria. The Starship finds itself outgunned by Mutant Fighters and forced to comply. Adam confers with Sebrian, and decide that he cannot transform into He-Man, as the others know that He-Man was not aboard the Eternia when it launched. But on Denebria, Skeletor informs his prisoners by viewscreen that he knows He-Man is present.

The prisoners (Adam, Sebrian, Mara, Hydron, Flipshot, Krex and Gepple) are dropped through a trap door into an old ore crushing chamber. Skeletor welcomes them to his "Fun House" and sets the crushers in motion. Adam was about to transform into He-Man right in front of the others when Flogg became impatient and activated another trap door, sending the prisoners sliding down a chute and out of a large pipe. Skeletor and Flogg are waiting for them, and Skeletor begins to shoot bolts from his Skullstaff at them, demanding that He-Man reveals himself.

Adam notices that Gepple drops one of his growth pills, and tells the scientist to throw them all at the plants. Sure enough, a collection of thick vines sprout up out of the ground, grabbing all concerned and separating them. Adam can finally transform into He-Man and reveals himself. Skeletor uses the magic from his staff to turn some of the vines into planteaters, but He-Man uses the Power Sword to turn them into harmless flowers with the power of good. When Mara wonders where Adam has gone, Master Sebrian covers for him by impersonating Adam's voice.

Skeletor ends up in the middle of a bunch of flowers and turns out to be allergic to them. When Flogg runs up to him and complains, Skeletor teleports both of them away. He-Man and Sebrian work together to cover his transformation back into Adam, but Mara is not entirely convinced when Adam returns, having "finally freed himself from the vines" after He-Man goes off to make sure Skeletor and Flogg have gone.


Drissi tells Adam of Grayskull she loves to take walks in the unspoiled Oasis. But Adam points out a children's miniature castle has been vandalized with graffiti. They work together to clean it off, because 'vandalism hurts everyone'.

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