Agho is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Agho is the king of Trolls who reside at Spikeheart. When the Evil Horde first came to Etheria, the Trolls offered to help fight them. But the human population, being fearful of the Trolls, refused their help. Therefore the Trolls retreated to Spikeheart, far away from the Horde as well as the humans.

Agho learned to be a sorcerer at a young age. He then went out in search of the fabled Crystal Castle. Thanks to his magic, he came to it's gates and looked upon it's magnificent beauty. He promised the keeper of the Castle, Light Hope, never to reveal it's exact location.

When She-Ra travelled to Spikeheart to learn the location of the Crystal Castle, Agho acknowledged that she had more courage and honor than most other humans. He told her about his visit to the Crystal Castle, but kept his promise never to reveal it's exact location. However, he allowed himself to give a hint to She-Ra about where to find it: “The castle is always where its seeker most wants it to be. In plain sight, yet never seen.”

For her part, She-Ra promised to tell the people of Etheria about Agho's wisdom. Hoping that perhaps Trolls and humans could become friends, Agho agreed that he would talk to his people on her behalf. He then used his magic powers to return She-Ra to her steed, Swift Wind.

Behind the Scenes

  • The animation model for King Ahgo was designed by artist Dale Hendrickson. The models designed for this installment were finalized on December 20, 1984.


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