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Anti He-Man

Anti He-Man also known as Anti-Eternia He-Man is a Masters of the Universe character.

Europe–German Masters of the Universe Classics Audio Play[]

Anti-He-Man was the master of Anti-Eternia, a hellish world located in the Universe of Darkness. The evil counterpart to He-Man, Anti-He-Man had black skin and red hair. He was completely evil and undefeated in combat. He would raise his sword and call upon the power of Hell-Grayskull. Anti-He-Man entered Eternia when Skeletor built a World Converter and used it to open an interdimensional gate between the two realities. Instead of joining forces with Skeletor, Anti-He-Man threw him out of Snake Mountain. He later challenged He-Man to combat. Anti-He-Man vanished when Man-At-Arms and Skeletor destroyed the World Converter.

Masters of the Universe (MVCreations)[]

Throughout volume 2 of the MVCreation comics, Anti He-Man is mentioned a few times by the evil extradimensional Man-At-Arms who has replaced the true one.

Masters of the Universe Classics bios[]


Anti-Eternia He-Man MOTU Classics figure

When Adam invoked the Power of Hellskull, he became Anti-He-Man and used his new-found strength to overthrow his home world, Anti-Eternia. Anti-He-Man first came to Eternia through a gateway created by the World Converter, and challenged He-Man to combat. Their battle ended when Skeletor and Man-At-Arms sent Anti-He-Man back to his realm. He returned during King He-Man's reign and challenged his counterpart again. During the battle, a recently reactivated Faker attacked both combatants. Their three-way struggle devastated swaths of countryside and ended when Anti-He-Man pulled Faker with him through the vortex to Anti-Eternia. On Anti-Eternia, a resentful Faker served Anti He-Man. Posing as his universe's He-Man, Faker was accepted as an ally by Anti Keldor and his band of heroic rebels. So taken was Anti Keldor with "He-Man" that he presented him with enchanted Battle Armor as a token of goodwill. Because he was originally programmed to destroy He-Man and obey Skeletor above all others, Faker's computer brain struggled to process the strange inverse world of Anti-Eternia and began to perceive Anti Keldor as Skeletor. Thus, much to Anti He-Man's outrage, Faker's loyalties unexpectedly shifted when he used his Battle Armor to shield Anti Keldor from a sneak attack by Anti Man-At-Arms and Anti Orko. Later, when Faker received an interdimensional signal from Eternia, the heroic scientific genius Anti Beast Man helped him return to his own world. Though Faker rejoined the resurrected Skeletor on Eternia, he kept Anti Keldor's Battle Armor as a mark of respect. Afterwards, Anti Keldor was shocked to learn that Faker was actually an evil android and not the legendary He-Man of the parallel universe.

Masters of the Multiverse DC Comics series[]

In the DC Comics Masters of the Multiverse series, Anti He-Man goes on a rampage across the Multiverse, forcibly taking the Power Sword from each universe's He-Man and claiming the Power of Grayskull from each universe for himself. By looking into the darkness of Castle Hellskull, Adam became the darkness. He was countered by the He-Man of the 1987 film and the Tappers of Grayskull He-Man, who recruited the heroic Anti-Eternia Prince Keldor to assist them in their pursuit of the villain.