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Batros is a villain that features in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and the Masters of the Universe Classics toyline.

Character history[]

An evil being noted for being both clever and dangerous, the villainous Batros used to stay only on the dark side of Eternia. However, he eventually developed a thirst for power and relocated to the Temple of the Sun where he hatched a plan to steal all the books of Eternia from the Royal Palace at Eternos. This was due to the precious lore contained within the books and by depriving Eternia of it, Batros intended to force Eternia to make himself King in the place of Randor. Thus, he began to secretly steal the books from the ancient archives of the Royal Palace, which he hid in a secret chamber within the Temple of the Sun. His activities were later uncovered by both Skeletor and the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. Skeletor intended to recruit Batros into his ranks and thus dispatched Beast Man and Trap Jaw to bring him to Snake Mountain. Whilst He-Man journeyed to the Temple of the Sun, unaware that Teela and Orko had found the books but were captured by Batros. Batros intended to punish his captives when they refused to bow to him, but was interrupted by Trap Jaw and Beast Man.

When the two Evil Warriors attempted to forcibly take Batros, the villain used his magic to cause snakes to attack Trap Jaw whilst he sent energy blasts at Beast Man. He claimed that if they had asked nicely, he would have willingly gone with them, but regardless, he wanted to meet Skeletor. Thus, he shot energy blasts at the two villains in order for them to lead the way to Snake Mountain. Once there, Batros intended to displace Skeletor and become his master, leading to the two villains battling. However, Batros's powers were easily overcome by Skeletor who instead demanded that Batros serve him by finding a means of entry into Castle Grayskull. In exchange, Skeletor said that once he was the overlord of the universe - he would give Eternia for Batros to rule. Considering the offer, Batros claimed to have a plan which pleased Skeletor. Taking Mer-Man, Beast Man and Tri-Klops; Skeletor journeyed to Castle Grayskull where Batros created a bridge over the Abyss in order to assault the castle. However, He-Man arrived and whilst Batros nearly managed to cause him to fall into the abyss - the champion of Eternia emerged and threw the rock that Batros was standing to the dark side of planet, thus ending the villain's plans.

Classics bio[]

Deep in the Dark Hemisphere resides a treacherous race of half-man half-bat pirates - none more sinister than Batros, a shadowy mercenary-for-hire. Batros views alliances with contempt, but pairs up with Skeletor when it gets him closer to his goal of seizing the Powers Of Grayskull for himself. In one adventure, Batros conspired with the Overlord Of Evil to filch all royal records and books from the Eternos Library. Although this shady plot ultimately met with failure, Batros remained a stealthy enemy for the Masters Of The Universe and all who fight for freedom on Eternia. Batros is a dark mercenary trained in the art of thievery!



He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (classic cartoon)[]

Season Two



  • His species was never named though his bat-like nature might mean he is a Spelean, although this is only speculation as the character did not feature in the 2002 series. Unlike Karg who was confirmed a Spelean on his bio, no such attempt was made with Batros.
  • Batros has a red bat symbol on his harness, even though he is not a member of The Evil Horde.