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Battle Bones is the resurrected skeletal remains of a giant dinosaur-like creature. It is capable of transporting individuals between the bones of its rib cage.

Its mouth could be used to store accessories. and was likey set up as way to keep all of a kids toys together.

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Battle Bones' allegiance is not made clear as his toy is described only as "figure transport" without mentioning heroic or evil. The box art has two pictures, one showing Battle Bones carring both heroic and evil warriors and the other showing him carring heroes against Skeletor and his minions. Many artwork posters, as well as the original toy commercial, depict two Battle Bones, one serving each side.


Battle Bones' biggest appearance was in the mini-comic "Skeletor's Dragon". Here Battle Bones is unearthed and reanimated by Skeletor who then uses a spell to make the creature his obedient slave. After He-Man defeats Skeletor, the evil lord flees, abandoning Battle Bones who is freed from Skeletor's spell and given a voice by the Sorceress. Battle Bones vows to join the heroic warriors and serve them.

Battle Bones would make a brief cameo in another mini-comic, The Stench of Evil were the heroic warriors ride him out to face off against Stinkor, since being a skeleton he is unaffected by the foul smell.

2002 toyline

An updated version of Battle Bones was released as part of the 200X series, however it was put out near the end of the line and is therefore one of the rarer items. The updated version of Battle Bones is still a skeletal dinosaur, however it now features several mechanical features making it somewhat cybernetic. The tail is articulated in such a way that it can swing forward and lock into a latch between the shoulder blades forming a handle for figure transport. The tip of the tail also features a spring loaded missile launcher. As with the vintage toy, the box art depicts Battle Bones carrying both heroic and evil warriors again making his allegence unclear.

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