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This article is about the Masters of the Universe: Revelation character. You may be looking for the original character.
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Battle Cat as he appears in Masters of the Universe: Revelation.


Battle Cat accompanied He-Man when the Orlax of Primeria appeared in the Royal Palace of Eternos and it's touch caused Revelation to fall into a coma. The King was taken to Castle Grayskull in hope of finding a cure, and Battle Cat was ordered to keep watch over the him together with Orko. He-Man travelled throught time and space by way of the Cosmic Corridor seeking a cure for Randor. When he returned with a severed tentacle of the Orlax, which quickly regenerated into the full creature, it was imprisoned at Grayskull. It was Battle Cat who surmised that it was possible that the Orlax knew that it's touch was possibly fatal to the Eternians and that it was trying not to hurt them, mereley to communicate.[1]

Some time later, Battle Cat and He-Man leapt into action when the forces of Skeletor launced a large scale attack on Grayskull. Traveling from the Royal Palace, the mighty beast jumped from rooftop to rooftop to reach Grayskull as fast as possible. After engaging the Evil Warriors's armed forces outside, He-Man rode Battle Cat as they entered the Castle and jumped down into it's very heart. Battle Cat attacked Skeletor by himself, but was knocked out by a magical blast fired off by Evil-Lyn using her magic staff.

Skeletor tricked He-Man to use his Sword of Power to open the Orb of Power. He-Man attempted to absorb the magical energy of the Orb with his sword, which split in two. When this happened, Battle Cat transformed back into Cringer and He-Man reverted back to Prince Adam.[2]



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