The Bird People or Avionians (as in, inhabitants of Avion) appear to be the evolutionary descendants of both birds and apes.


The Avionians general body shapes are similar to those of humans, with large feet that they are able to use with as much dexterity as their hands. However, their fur has a feathery appearance and they have wings that sprout out of their forearms. The Avionians are also deceptively light, having hollow bones and their eyes are adapted for flying, having a second, clear eyelid that protects their eyes from wind. The Avionians live at high altitudes in the Mystic Mountains in the City Of Avion. As a race, they tend to be xenophobic and prefer to avoid dealing with outsiders. Avionians are magically linked to the Emerald Staff, which is the reason for their flying abilities (the Filmation cartoon changes it for the Egg of Avion). They are known for their two magical talisman: The Emerald Staff Of Avion and The Staff of Avion.



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