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"I've waited a long time for this..."

Blade is a mercenary, and one of Skeletor's evil warriors.

Live Action Movie

Blade is introduced in the 1987 film, played by Anthony De Longis. Blade is tall, with a bald head and an eye-patch over one eye. He is a swordsman of great skill, carrying two swords and an array of knives.

Blade is sent to Earth by Skeletor, along with Beast Man, Karg and Saurod to find the second Cosmic Key. It is discovered, however that He-Man and his companions are also searching for the key and Blade faces He-Man in one-on-one combat, although retreats with the others when Teela and Man-At-Arms arrive.

Blade returns to Earth, this time under the command of Evil-Lyn and the evil warriors succeed in obtaining the key and capturing He-Man, and leaving his companions stranded on Earth. Upon their return to Eternia, Skeletor has Blade whip He-Man, in the throne room of Castle Grayskull. Soon after, Man-at-Arms and the others find a way to return to Grayskull, and in the ensuing battle, Blade is knocked into one of the deep pits of the Castle. His fate is unknown.

Comic book adaptation


In the comic book adaptation of the movie, Blade is drawn with yellow skin and with a large grilled mask over the lower part of his face. He is apparently mute, with no dialogue at any point, and is referred to by He-Man as "silent one."


In the mini-comic packaged with his action figure, Blade is sent, along with Saurod, by the Evil Cloud to serve Skeletor. He is, again, defeated by He-Man.

Marvel Comics

Blade is seen in background scenes of the Marvel Comic series, where he is portrayed as a bumbling villain, as opposed to a master swordsman. He is easily defeated and captured by He-Man in issue #8 (and then swapped with Webstor due to an editing mistake in the issue). Blade gets more dignified in the bad future shown in issues #12 and #13, where he is one of King Skeletor's generals alongside Evil-Lyn, Ninjor and Saurod.

Ehapa magazines

Blade's one frame of dialogue sees him bring a message to love-drugged Man-at-Arms telling him of the plight of Evil-Lyn - in an attempt to lure him in to a trap.

Masters of the Universe Revelation (2021)

Blade briefly appears in the Dark Horse Comics comic book series that serves as a prequel to Masters of the Universe: Revelation.