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This article is about the original character. You may be looking for Bow from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power series.

Bow is a character from the 1985 toyline Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

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Bow is renowned as the best archer in all of Etheria. Equipped with an array of trick arrows, he uses his skills of illusion and his fierce patriotism for Etheria to fight the Evil Horde.

Aided by his faithful steed Arrow, Bow joins up with the Great Rebellion to oppose the Evil Horde. During the series, his home is the Whispering Woods, although his original origins are unknown. As well as his archery skills, Bow is also a talented illusionist and musician, and is often to be found serenading the rebel camps at night. He uses a multi-purpose device called a Combow which can be extended to form both an archer's bow as well as a musician's harp. Bow also knows many stories about Etheria's ancient days.

Bow is often seen with Kowl, his other animal companion besides Arrow; they seem to share an old friendship and usually get involved in comic arguments, from which Kowl arises as the winner, which gives Bow's character a somehow foolish nuance (just like Man-At-Arms usually becomes the victim of Orko's mischievousness). Kowl has many times expressed his dislike on Bow's music and singing, although Adora seems to like it.

Being She-Ra: Princess of Power the female version of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Bow usually appears as Teela's counterpart, constantly getting caught by the Evil Horde and waiting for She-Ra to come him to his rescue. This doesn't mean him to be weak though, as Bow demonstrates to be brave, loyal, noble and smart; whenever he gets caught, it's more due to his pride, impulsiviness or naivity when trying to help others rather than incompetence. Also, just like Teela shows a romantic interest in He-Man, Bow holds feelings for She-Ra, but these are unrequited.

Just like Man-At-Arms in the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series, Bow has a mustache in the She-Ra: Princess of Power animated series despite his original action figure not.

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Behind the Scenes

  • The character model for Bow was designed by artists Herb Hazelton and Alice Hamm, based on many different concepts provided by the design department of both Filmation and Mattel.

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