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Clawful is a character in the popular Masters of the Universe toy line and the accompanying cartoon series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Clawful is a member of Skeletor's Evil Warriors; a hybrid between a man and a crab or lobster, with large, sharp claws that can crush the life out of his opponents. In most media, his right claw is extra large and thus achieves an extra-deadly grip.

Character history[]

Mini Comics[]


Clawful battles Fisto.

Clawful was a vicious combatant with a large, oversized claw. He led a group of evil warriors in a bid to capture the heroic Fisto and Stridor. With Fisto captured, Skeletor pitted him against Clawful, Jitsu and Whiplash in a combat arena. Fisto jammed a log in his crushing claw, distracting him for long enough for the heroic warrior to defeat him[1].

Filmation series[]

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Clawful in the Filmation series.

Clawful was one of Skeletor's most competent and trusted henchmen, with the lord of destruction once naming him his "right hand man"[2]. Despite this, Clawful once cited his desire to overthrow Skeletor and become leader of evil warriors himself, a bold claim which he dared to make in Skeletor's very presence[3].

Clawful was first seen when he stole an artefact called the Horn of Evil from Orko's homeworld of Trolla[4].

Masters of the Universe (2002)[]

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Clawful in the Mike Young Productions animated series.

Clawful was an incredibly strong member of the Evil Warriors, but also the most dimwitted, to the point that he could not even understand the language of his own people (communication via a snapping of the claw). Clawful hailed from a race of crab-like creatures, and had a cousin who was considerably more intelligent than he was[5].

Clawful participated in Keldor's attack on the Hall of Widsom and was trapped with him and the other evil warriors behind the Mystic Wall for years before they finally broke free. He served Skeletor loyally, but his bumbling stupidity frequently incurred the overlord of evil's wrath[6].

Masters of the Universe Revelation[]

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Clawful Revelation disguise

Clawful in Revelation.

Clawful participated in Skeletor's final assault against Castle Grayskull, driving a Land Shark into battle at the head of the armies of Snake Mountain[7]. After Skeletor's return, he was amongst the evil warriors who reported to Evil-Lyn at Castle Grayskull, and later formed part of the force which attempted to stop Teela and Andra from infiltrating the castle, before he was dragged away by the Orlax[8].


  • The writers of the 2002 series had conceived an idea for an episode in which Clawful gained high intelligence, but the show was cancelled before such an episode could be written.
  • Despite being one of the first characters designed by the Four Horsemen for the 2002 toyline[9], the line was canceled before his figure could be released. In 2004, a mini statue of the character was produced by NECA.



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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983)[]

Season One (1983)

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Season Two (1984-1985)

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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002)[]

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Season Two (2003-2004)

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Masters of the Universe: Revelation[]

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