Day of the Flowers is the 75th episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power.

Plot Summary


Loo-Kee: "Hi! Did you find my hiding place today? Want another chance? Okay. Do you see me? Here I am! Today, Orko helped defeat the giant Monstroids. He showed them that you don't have to be big to do big things. But what you have to do is believe in yourself. Because when you believe in yourself you can do anything. Bye now!"

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Great Rebellion

Heroic Warriors


Evil Horde





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  • John Erwin as He-Man/Prince Adam and Ore Captain Sludge Man
  • Melendy Britt as She-Ra/Princess Adora
  • Linda Gary as Glimmer, Madame Razz and unnamed village women
  • George DiCenzo as Hordak, Bow, Snout Spout and bearded Rebel
  • Erika Scheimer as Frosta and Loo-Kee
  • Lou Scheimer (credited as Erik Gunden) as Orko, Broom, Monstroid # 1, Horde Computer, old villager and unnamed Rebel


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