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Despondos is another dimension that features in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


The terrible dark dimension of Despondos was an otherwordly realm that was capable of being summoned by powerful sorcerers in order to entrap their foes. When the Evil Horde rampaged over Eternia, their master Hordak sought to defeat the last threat to him which was Castle Grayskull which was led by its King. Nearly overpowering the forces of light, Hordak ordered his wizards to summon forth the terrible dimension of Despondos in order to finally vanquish his foes. As the portal formed around the Castle, King Grayskull called upon his ancient might and channeled it through his Power Sword sending forth a great blast into the Horde. This act forced the portal to form around Castle Grayskull and fall below thus creating a massive chasm whereupon King Grayskull used his power to send Hordak along with the Horde into Despondos. Whilst Hordak and his minions had been banished, the evil warlord had mortally wounded King Grayskull and promised that he would return.

Many years later, Hordak made preparations in Despondos and readied his forces in order to attack Eternia once more. Thus, he called forth from the dimensional barrier to Skeletor who he had saved after the warlord Keldor's face was badly wounded by acid. Hordak reminded Skeletor that a price would be called upon in the future for saving his life and commanded Skeletor to go to his former sanctuary to use his talents in order to free Hordak from Despondos. Skeletor under penalty of death reluctantly decided to obey Hordak and free his "master". However, he was stopped at the sanctuary by He-Man who was warned by dreams from his ancestor King Grayskull of the threat posed by Hordak. Telling Skeletor that once the sanctuary was destroyed, Hordak would never be freed - a delighted Skeletor highlighted it being an excellent suggestion and destroyed the sanctuary. This caused a vision of an enraged Hordak crying out in anguish as he was stopped from returning to Eternia.