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This article is about the minicomic. For the animated episode this story was loosely based upon, see Double Edged Sword.

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"Double-Edged Sword" is a minicomic from the Masters of the Universe toy line. It was included with the Kobra Khan action figure.


Heroic Warriors
Evil Warriors

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Prince Adam and Cringer explore the Vine Jungle in the Attak Trak, when suddenly, huge man-eating plants attack them. They transform into He-Man and Battle Cat and make short work of the plants, including one that was about to eat a boy. The boy's grandfather appears and introduces himself as Consul Ari, and the boy's name is Leon. Consul Ari has a message from the Golden Islands to King Randor, and it's that they found about Skeletor planning to invade the Royal Palace. He-Man drives them to the palace, where Leon asks to become a palace guard. Teela tells him that he has to start as an apprentice, and He-Man warns him that being a guard requires not only muscles, but also brains.

Meanwhile, Skeletor complains that his vine monsters didn't stop Consul Ari's message, but the Evil Warriors will still attack. The Heroic Warriors face the Evil Warriors, but when Leon tries to help, he's captured by Beast Man. He-Man stops the battle to save Leon, but then Skeletor traps both He-Man and Leon in a magically sealed pit.

Skeletor calls more vine monsters that surround the palace. He-Man tries to break the magic seal but he cannot do it alone, so Ram-Man helps him from the other side. When both hit the magic seal at the same time, it breaks. He-Man chops the vine monsters down and the Evil Warriors escape. Leon learns that everyone, even He-Man, needs help from his friends sometimes.


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