This article is about the original character. You may be looking for Double Trouble from the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power series..

Double Trouble is a glamorous double agent for She-Ra and her friends.

According to the She-Ra cartoon series bible, Double Trouble is Glimmer’s cousin. She comes from the Kingdom of Green Glade and functions as the Chief Spy of the Rebellion. Double’s forte is disguise, and she can look like almost anyone with a little time. She is very dexterous and can squeeze herself into almost impossibly tiny spaces or climb the sheerest of walls to carry out her missions. She is not much of a fighter, though her agility makes her a good dodger. No disguise is beyond her, she can look like an aged King one moment, or a Horde Villainess the next. She can also change her voice to suit her disguise. Double can fast-talk her way out of the tightest spots and is very effective against the Horde who she adamantly hates. This stems from the fact she plays a Horde supporter in her normal guise, the better to spy on them when the time comes. She is often mistrusted by Etherians not in the know for this very reason. Though she was listed in the series bible, she never appeared in the actual cartoon. She did appear in the toy line mini comic "Adventure of the Blue Diamond", which accompanied her figure released in 1985. She did have limited exposure in other marketing material for the Princess of Power toy line.

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