Dragon's Brood is the 10th episode of the 2002 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series. It originally aired on November 1, 2002.


Massive fire-breathing dragons threaten Eternia and Castle Grayskull.

Full Synopsis

Prince Adam and Teela, on their way to Felis Qadi to gain the alliance of Chief Carnivus, hear a loud roar coming from a cave nearby. They cannot see the beast, because it has been trapped inside by a rockslide: a giant foot with claws and one cracked nail emerges from beneath the rocks. They succeed in moving the rocks enough for the creature to get its foot loose, then the beast runs away in the depths of the caves. Adam and Teela go back to their diplomatic mission.
Meanwhile, at the Snake Mountain, Beast Man reveals to Evil-Lyn to be the one who has trapped the dragon: a she-dragon, actually, which he has stolen eggs from. Beast Man is unable to control adult dragons, so he plans to try and take over the hatchlings. Unfortunately, his bag got inadvertently ripped and the eggs are lost. Orko finds the eggs in a river and takes them to the Royal Palace for a juggling show. While he is performing, the eggs crack open: five hatchlings get loose and spread havoc by flying around and spitting fire randomly. Man-At-Arms scares them away, but he expresses concerns as how the dragons grow fast.
The day after, the concerns turn into reality: the dragons have grown to larger-than-human proportions and they have been attracted by all the shiny things scattered throughout the city. While the Heroic Warriors are battling with them, Evil-Lyn diverts the dragons to Castle Grayskull with a floating, shining magic sphere, which eventually causes the whole Castle to glow.
Prince Adam and Teela are on the way back from their successful mission, when the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull invokes He-Man's help telepathically. Adam persuades Teela to go to Grayskull, then fakes a malfunctioning of his Sky-Sled to be able to hide and transform into He-Man. At the Castle, Teela and He-Man fight a hard battle with the broodlings, but they are definitely overwhelmed when their mother comes to the rescue. Teela is immediately turned unconscious, while He-Man gets trapped under the dragoness's claw. Then, He-Man recognises the creature from the cracked nail and the dragoness recognises Adam's smell. The dragoness spares He-Man and flies away with her brood. Teela awakens just in time to witness the scene.
However, Skeletor and his Evil Warriors have been lurking for the right moment to attack. The Heroic Warriors make a timely entrance and battle ensues, but a Serpintaur Beast Man has brought along gives Skeletor the edge. The dragoness, which has sensed the new danger, comes to the rescue and kills the Serpintaur, then flies at He-Man's side. Skeletor and his henchmen are forced to fall back.
After the battle, Teela suspiciously asks why the dragoness spared He-Man, if Adam was the one who freed her in the first place; Adam falters, but Man-At-Arms dismisses the question suggesting that kindness inspires kindness.


He-Man: "Kindness is an amazing thing. The more you give, the more you receive. And as Teela and I learned, a simple act of kindness can come back to help you when you least expect it."
Orko: "Eh, hey, He-Man! Check it out: I've got this juggling thing down. At no time do my hands ever leave my wrists."
He-Man: "Not dragon's eggs again?"
Orko: "No way! These are... Whohohoho! (throws the eggs too high into the air and they all land on his head) "...Just plain eggs." (He-Man laughs)

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  • The new supporting character Chief Carnivus was released as an action figure by Mattel in their MOTU Classics line in 2010.

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