Dragoon is a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Dragoon is a half-man, half-dragon who was sent to Trolla by Skeletor to collect the energy of the Trollans. He captured Dree Elle and took her to his fortress to drain her energy, but Orko, Prince Adam, and Cringer managed to track him down just as Adam figured out how to turn into He-Man. While Orko tried to help Dree Elle, He-Man fought Dragoon beside the Bottomless Hole of Trolla. He smashed the boulders that Dragoon threw at him, one of which almost sent Battle Cat plummeting down the hole. The last boulder that Dragoon threw was covered with vines that entangled his body and pulled him into the hole, where he got caught on a tiny ledge. He-Man and Battle Cat came to his rescue, tying another vine around the boulder and pulling Dragoon to safety.

Dragoon was confused by He-Man's act of mercy, saying that he wouldn't have done the same for an enemy. He-Man responded, "I may be your enemy, but you're not mine." Dragoon then wondered if saving lives was better, and He-Man encouraged him to think it over instead of continuing to commit acts of evil. As He-Man turned to leave, Dragoon thanked him, implying that he would reform.



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