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Filmation Dylamug

Dylamug is an unproduced Masters of the Universe figure, a robotic member of the Evil Horde. His name had a phonetical similitude to "Dial-a-mug", as his face would have had dials for his eyes, nose and mouth to make him change expression.

Filmation Appearances[]


  • The original toy version of Dylamug was conspetualized by Ted Mayer.
  • Dylamug's animation model, based on the toy prototype from Mattel, was designed by Craig Armstrong.
  • An action figure of Dylamug sculpted by the Four Horsemen and based on his Filmation appearance was finally released by Super 7 in 2018.

Masters of the Universe Classics Dylamug Bio[]

Dylamug was once a diplomat droid from the planet Robotica when Hordak captured and reprogrammed him. Where Dylamug had once been erudite and civil, Hordak made him hedonistic and malevolent. To demoralize the population of Etheria, Hordak set Dylamug loose with a gang of off-duty Troopers to plunder the smaller villages that weren’t vital to the Horde’s operations. Although artificial, Dylamug’s reprogramming made him delight in wicked acts, and he eagerly indulged his now numerous appetites. She-Ra and Bow led a resistance against Dylamug’s mob at the village of Devlan, one of the first turning points for the Rebellion as many previously docile Etherians finally took up arms against the Horde. Despite his defeat, Dylamug continued to serve the Horde as Hordak’s emissary to Horde World where he remained when Hordak left Etheria to conquer Eternia. After She-Ra slew Horde Prime, Dylamug saw the evil leader’s dark spirit infect and incapacitate her. The evil robot then sold her to the Game Master to fight in the galactic arena as Despara.

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