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Eldress is a supporting character in Netflix's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and the former Sorceress of Castle Grayskull.


Eldress is a tall and beautiful woman with tan-colored skin, white hair, and wears golden armor and a headress that holds her hair up, and a gown-like piece around her waist.

As a spirit, she retains her original appearance but is blue and transparent.


Eldress is a wise and enigmatic woman who is benevolent to those in need and are good while she opposes agents of evil, especially those who come seeking to take the Power of Grayskull. She is dedicated to protecting Castle Grayskull and the Power it contains from those who would abuse it and are unworthy of it.

In spite of her staunch and unshakeable duty, Eldress has a kind and caring nature, sympathetic and sensitive to the feelings of others, and she will risk her own life to protect the innocent.

She shows a particular concern and caring for Teela.


Before she became known as Eldress, this powerful magic user served as the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. One day, the evil Prince Keldor demanded that she released the power of Grayskull to him in exchange for the freedom of his young nephew Adam, whom he had abducted. The Sorceress told Keldor to make a choice out of two magical totems. Keldor picked the scepter instead of the sword, but when he thrust the object into a magic ray, it was revealed he had chosen havoc over justice and light, and as punishment, the flesh from his hand was burned to the bone. Keldor demanded that the Sorceress restore his flesh. When she refused, he fired a bolt of magic from the Havoc Staff at her, but it was deflected by young Adam, using the Sword of Power.[1]

Young Adam tried to defend the Sorceress from Keldor's Havoc blasts with the sword, but it was much too large and unwielding for the boy and he soon succumbed. The Sorceress threw herself in front of the boy to protect him from another blast of Havoc, and was mortally wounded. Keldor told her he would let the boy live if she used the last of her power to fix him. Instead, she rose from the ground and vowed to use what was left of her power to make sure Keldor never found the Castle or the boy ever again. She exploded in a ball of light, causing Keldor and Adam to be teleported elsewhere. The Sorceress then dropped to the floor, and an image of Zoar the falcon appeared with her final breath.[2]

When Teela stole the Sword of Power from the vault at Eternos where it had been kept for ten years, she received a telepathic warning from a mysterious voice not to give it to her employer, Evelyn but rather to bring the sword to a champion who resided with the Tiger Tribe.[3] The voice in Teela's head belonged to the Sorceress of Grayskull, who eventually led her to the location where Castle Grayskull had stood. Inside, she found a broken statue of the original guardian, as well as her staff, which Teela took as her own.[4]

The champion Teela was tasked to seek out was young Adam, who called upon the Power of Grayskull and transformed into He-Man. At Grayskull, He-Man decided to share the power with his friends, turning Teela into the new Sorceress, Duncan into Man-At-Arms, Cringer into Battle Cat and Krass into Ram Ma'am. Adam was surprised when the spirit of the original Sorceress appeared and refered to him as "a master of the universe".[5]

Teela used her skills to piece together the broken statue of the former Guardian of Grayskull in the hope this would enable her spirit to show itself to her. When facing a slew of Battle Bones In the Badlands, Teela refused to transform along with the others into her new, more powerful form. She finally accepted the power as the fight intensified, and briefly entered a dream like state in which she finally came face to face with the former Guardian of Grayskull, who now wanted to be referred to as "Eldress"..[6]

Eldress began instructing the young heros in the ways of the Masters of the Universe and was present when an RK unit repaired by Duncan set fire to Grayskull's library after it became convinced it was the ancient court magician Orko the Great[7] The Eldress helped Teela discover that Keldor was hiding in the Fright Zone. After Adam decided that they should go there and face their enemies, [8] Eldress told RK-o to go after them and lend his assistance. The moment Skeletor used his staff to share his Havoc power with his henchmen, Eldress felt it at Grayskull and fell to her knees as if hit by a powerful blow. A mural appeared on it's wall as if by magic, depicting stylized versions of the young Masters and their enemies, and the Eldress exclaimed "The Masters' nemesis have finally arrived."[9]

Eldress contacted the Masters in the spirit plane after they were captured by Skeletor and sentenced to drown in Havoc fluid, to tell them they did not use their weapons to escape. Skeletor took control of the Red Legion of Eternos and sent them to attack Castle Grayskull. Adam, Duncan, Cringer and Krass took the Wind Raider and returned to Grayskull, using the Sword to contact Eldress. Krass suggested that Eldress use her powers to relocate the Castle. But in her weakened state, Eldress knew she had no control over where it would re-emerge. After the Wind Raider entered the Castle, Eldress closed the jaw bridge and relocated the entire building, saying "And so a new adventure begins".[10]

Eldress succeeded in teleporting the Castle away from harm, causing it to reappear in the Kingdom of Avion, but the act of doing so used up what remained of her power, causing Eldress to disappear, leaving the Masters, especially Teela, worried about her.

Later, Eldress was revealed to have survived, and she returned to Eternia, arriving on a frozen tundra. She quickly began her journey back to Castle Grayskull.

Powers & Abilities[]

Stewardship of Castle Grayskull
Eldress is formerly the Sorceress and protecor of Castle Grayskull, until she was struck down by Keldor, and her body disappeared. Still, she possesses some power derived from Grayskull, as she opted to move the Castle when it was under attack by teleporting it though she warned she would have no control over their destination or where they would wind up.

Eldress possesses the knowledge, power and understanding of magic of a sorceress

Eldress is wise, acting as the guide and mentor of the Masters of the Universe, and advising them in their struggles

Spiritual State (Formerly)
After being struck down and her body disappearing, Eldress was reduced to a state where is a Spirit, untouchable and unseeable (unless she wants to be). She can communicate to others (mostly Teela) and appear to them in an ethereal plane, where she appears whole
After relocating Castle Grayskull, Eldress vanishes and later reapepars in an unknown location, no longer a spirit, having somehow been restored to flesh and blood.




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