Energy Zoids

"Energy Zoids" is a minicomic from the Masters of the Universe toy line. It was included with the Rotar and Twistoid action figures.


Heroic Warriors
Man-At-Arms, He-Man, Rotar, Teela
Evil Warriors
Skeletor, Twistoid
Snake Men
King Hiss, Snake Face, Sssqueeze, Rattlor, Tung Lashor


Man-At-Arms tells He-Man that he saved a wounded soldier using his new Gyro Machine, and introduces him as Rotar. Skeletor, who is spying them from Snake Mountain, decides that he needs the Gyro Machine to create an army of robots to oppose Hordak's Horde Troopers.

Rotar's first job as a Heroic Warrior is to guard the Gyro Machine, but he expects to prove someday the great warrior he is. Suddenly, Skeletor attacks in the Fright Fighter, accompanied by Sssqueeze and Snake Face. Rotar cannot decide if calling the Heroic Warriors or try to handle it himself, until it's too late to call the others. Rotar spins too fast to be petrified by Snake Face and takes the Havoc Staff from Skeletor's hand, but then he's stopped by Sssqueeze, and Snake Face manages to petrify him at last.

Later, in Skeletor's arena of doom, somewhere inside Snake Mountain, Skeletor uses his magic to restore Rotar, just to make him face Twistoid, the first robot created with the Gyro Machine. Twistoid almost defeats Rotar, until Rotar takes Sssqueeze from his long arm and uses him as a living mace against Twistoid. Skeletor and King Hiss get angry and send the Snake Men against Rotar.

Suddenly, He-Man and Man-At-Arms come to the rescue with Man-At-Arms newest invention: the Gyrattacker, a vehicle that allows He-Man to attack by spinning just like Rotar and Twistoid. Rotar takes the chance to use Sssqueeze again as a mace, while He-Man recovers the Gyro Machine.

Back at home, Rotar explains that he was trying to show what a great warrior he was, but He-Man tells him that he tried to take more than he could handle alone. Rotar has lñearned he must call backup the next time the odds are too heavy.


  • The Evil Horde is mentioned, but none of them appears.
  • When Skeletor and King Hiss are watching the Rotar vs Twistoid fight, they are accompanied by Rattlor and an unidentified non-serpentine warrior, which could be an off-model Beast Man
  • When the Snake Men attack Rotar, there's a yellow Snake Man similar to Rattlor, but Rattlor also appears in the same scene. Since there's no mention to a new Snake Man having been recently summoned, he could be a mispainted Kobra Khan.
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