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The Evil Mutants are the main villain faction of the He-Man toyline and its media. The Mutants live on the planet Denebria, and their headquarters is the Denebrian Moon, Nordor. The Mutants are led by Flogg and have a militaristic nature as a group.



The Mutants were a ruthless group from the planet Denebria, who sought to take over the peaceful planet of Primus. The Mutants were commanded by Flogg, but when Skeletor arrived in the future, he quickly brought Flogg to heel and took command, reducing Flogg to his grumbling second in command.

The New Adventures of He-Man[]


Skeletor and Flogg, flanked by Mutant Troopers.

The Mutants of Denebria were a powerful organization with a huge military force. Although they hailed from Denebria; their homeworld was largely a lawless and barren wasteland, with Gorn City serving as the only truly civilized city on the planet. Instead, the Mutants based themselves at Moon Nordor; a skull shaped space base where their mobile base of operations; the Mutant Mothership, was usually docked.


The Mutant command crew.

The Mutant military was commanded by Flogg; who had a vast army of Mutant Troopers, vehicles and an entire fleet of ships under his control. Flogg's forces outnumbered those of Primus, and the Mothership alone was capable of conquering entire planets. Flogg's bridge crew were his top Lieutenants, each of them possessing their own unique powers and abilities and serving a different role on the ship. Slush Head generally served as Flogg's second in command, but Hoove, Crita, Quakke and Staghorn also held senior ranks and tended to take command of missions away from the Mothership.

When Skeletor arrived in the future, he allied with Flogg and the Mutants; promising Flogg that he would destroy He-Man for them if they taught him the ways of the future. Flogg agreed, and allowed Skeletor to serve as his advisor. This gave Skeletor a great degree of power within the Mutant ranks, and he effectively became Flogg's second in command.