Evil Robot
Near the end of the Masters of the Universe toyline, the Evil Robot prototype was designed. despite being depicted by the 1985 catalog as a robot serving Skeletor and his Evil Warriors, his colors and bat insignia associate him to Hordak and his Evil Horde. He was a new robot, a kind of "elite troop" besides the Horde Troopers. He would have had a mechanism to throw water through his rifle when moving his right arm. He is very different to the normal Masters of the Universe designs. The few pictures of this figure come from Mattel's 1985 catalog (probably a spare sheet of update for sales representative and reseller).

A transformers italian collector, ConteDDracula, was recently found that the figure mold, save for the head, comes from a japanese robot sold during first half of 1980s and produced by ALPS japan, albeit in a smaller scale with others motu. This wouldn't be unprecedent: as the Meteorbs also are repurposed japanese toys with no change of scale, but in different way from these, the Evil Robot was stopped to prototype phase. Here the review in italian language, started in 2011 and with discovery of his obscure origins in 2012:

The mold was recycled also for a strange toy of LJN's voltron serie, with a heavy remold: hydro-cannon. Next, during 1990s, GiG italian brand and others, they were selling cheesy counterfeits of red one in blister as "robot spruzza acqua" (aka "squirt robot") in very fragile tiny plastic.
Squirt robot motu japan 4 artbox -1024x768-
Common1 -1024x768-

original piece and price

Common2 -1024x768-

isn't a recent bootleg from china

Squirtbot -1024x768-

3 different combination of chest/head/shield and colours!

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