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Beast Man, Tri-Klops, Trap Jaw, Clawful, Mer-Man, Evil-Lyn, Skeletor and Whiplash.

Evil Warriors is a term generally used to describe Masters of the Universe villains who serve the cause of Skeletor on Eternia.


They are usually not a formal team so much as a pool of resources available to Skeletor, so that he might have one or more of them aiding him on a particular mission. Collectively the Evil Warriors share a healthy fear of their occasional master and a lust for the power they hope to gain in his employ. However, many of them have also pursued their own independent agendas, sometimes in treacherous defiance of Skeletor.

Their goals would often come into conflict with He-Man and the Heroic Warriors.

Known Evil Warriors

  • Keldor/Skeletor - A Gar who is the leader of the Evil Warriors.
  • Beast Man - A Beastman and Skeletor's right-hand man who can control many wild animals.
  • Evil-Lyn - A witch who is Skeletor's second-in-command.
  • Trap Jaw - A cyborg Gar with a metal jaw and a robotic arm that can turn into different weapons.
  • Mer-Man - An Aquatican who is Skeletor's underwater minion.
  • Tri-Klops - A blind warrior, scientist, and former bounty hunter that wears a rotating three-eyed visor that helps him see.
  • Whiplash - A Caligar with a strong tail.
  • Clawful - A Karikoni with strong claws.
  • Faker - A discolored robot duplicate of He-Man.
  • Jitsu - A bandit with a enlarged golden right hand that can perform strong karate chops.
  • Kobra Khan - A cobra-type reptilian whose species depends on the media appearances he's in. Some media appearances depict him with the Snake Men. Others have him working as an ambassador to the Snake Men.
  • Webstor - An Arachna.
  • Spikor - A blacksmith who was fused to a spike-covered armor with a trident in place of a left hand.
  • Stinkor - A Pelleezean that can release noxious odors from his body.
  • Two-Bad - A two-headed warrior and expert strategist.
  • Blade - A sword-wielding mercenary.
  • Blast-Attak - A robot that can explode and reassemble himself.
  • Ninjor - A demonic ninja from the Dimension of Noir
  • Scare Glow - A skeletal ghost.
  • Saurod - A reptilian that shoots lasers from his mouth.
  • Twistoid - A counterpart of Rotar.
  • Karg - An interrogator with a hook in place of his right arm.
  • Fang Man - An evolved Dragosaur.
  • Strongarm - A cybernetically-enhanced warrior with a long right arm.
  • Icer - Skeletor's arctic agent with cryokinesis.
  • Gygor - A yellow-furred gorilla with green skin.
  • Draego-Man - A dragonoid.
  • Goat Man - A G'hoat Man that works for Beast Man.
  • Pigboy