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This article is about Filmation version of Evilseed. You may be looking for the Mike Young Productions version, Evil Seed (200X).

Evilseed is the name of an evil character from the Masters of the Universe series.


In the 1980s cartoon, Evilseed gives the farmers seeds that eventually grew into vines and cause the Dam of the Ancients to break enough to flood the Fertile Plains. Luckily, He-Man rescues the farmers there. When a farmer describes the culprit, Skeletor is the suspect and soon the Royal Palace is covered with vines and its inhabitants are all taken prisoner. When it is discovered that it is not Skeletor, Evilseed makes himself known. Skeletor and He-Man have to work together to defeat him, as He-Man creates a giant ice ball from Ice Mountain and Skeletor destroys it, thus defeating Evilseed.



He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983)[]