Eye of the Storm is the title of a Masters of the Universe minicomic. It was packaged with the Snout Spout action figure. The art was drawn by Jim Mitchell.


Heroic Warriors
He-Man, Extendar, Teela, Snout Spout
Evil Warriors
Webstor, Skeletor


Webstor has created for Skeletor a machine called Stormbringer. When activated, a storm cloudis generated from a shaft Webstor had made, and soon it spreads out and engulfs the plains of Eternia.

Meanwhile, He-Man and Extendar are engaged in a game of Glo-Disk. Snout Spout admires his athletic skills and notices they can use their powers even when not fighting, while he never has a chance to prove his strengths. Teela tells him that his job as a firefighter is very important, but he isn't convinced.

The storm cloud arrives there, and throws streams of energy to the Heroic Warriors, so He-Man vblocks the streams with his sword. He cannot hold for long, but Snout Spout flies over the cloud in the Wind Raider and uses his hose nose to spray the cloud until dousing it. Skeletor and Webstor make their presence known and attack He-Man until Snout Spout shoots a water blast to Webstor. Skeletor escapes while Webstor stands up and tries to shoot He-Man, so Snout Spout grabs him and throws him on Skeletor's arms. The villains escape and Snout Spout finally feels as part of the Heroic Warriors' team.


  • Webstor is portrayed here as an inventor, in a likely nod to the UK magazine where he tended to create several traps.
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