Fading Star is the 20th episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

An old Priman Western hero called Dukan is revived from a Hibernation Capsule. Determined to prove he can still make a difference, Dukan accepts Skeletor's challenge to meet him in an Abandoned Mining Town on Denebria at High Suns.

Plot Summary

A spaceship is sending a distress call in the orbit around the planet Primus. As He-Man and the other Galactic Guardians go to investigate, they discover Dukan, one of the greatest heroes in the Primus' past, in a Life Support Pod. He-Man and the other Galactic Guardian are taken off guard, when they are hit by a blast from the Mutant Mothership. They quickly get Dukan from the chamber and fly back to Primus.

On Primus, when Dukan awakens from his hibernation, they learn that the aged hero turns out to be a tremendously good storyteller. However, Caz and the others wonder how the trigger-happy hero would do against Skeletor. He believes the fact that he is still unbeatable and looks for a challenge with Skeletor. It appears that Skeletor had heard the whole conversation and appears before Dukan, challenge him to a duel on Denebria.

After Dukan accepts Skeletor's challenge, he sets off to Denebria to the Abandoned Mining Town, where Skeletor agreed to face him. However, Skeletor is not playing fair and leaves the old person no chance in the fight, when Dukan realizes that Skeletor had brought some Mutant allies. Outnumbered, Dukan decides to retreat. As he rides away, the Mutants try to shoot down Dukan as he rides away on his horse.

He-Man, Flipshot and Hydron had followed Dukan to Denebria, suspecting that there would be trouble. From the beginning the challenge for Dukan was nothing more than an excuse, to lure He-Man and the Galactic Guardians to Denebria in order to lead them into a trap. When Hydron, He-Man and Flipshot arrive, they soon realize that they were lured into a trap, when they are surrounded by Skeletor and the Mutants, who begin to fire upon them from all cylinders. Suddenly, laser shots are fired upon the Mutants, from a distance. It becomes quickly clear that it was Dukan, who had returned to help his friends. Dukan had learned how to control the Hologram Projector he received from Caz to great effect. When the Mutants realize that they have been surrounded by an army of illusions of himself. The Mutants retreat.

Later on Primus, Dukan says his goodbyes, because he had decided to retire and enjoy the rest of his life. He tells He-Man, that if it ever need his help, he would always be there for him. Then, Dukan jumps on his horse and rides off into the sunset.


Caz offers Meldoc a snack and talks about a balanced diet.

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  • Dukan (first and only Jetlag Productions appearance)





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