Friendship is the 14th episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power.

Plot Summary

In the Whispering Woods, Adora received a letter from Lohni, an old friend and her former second in command when was a member of the Evil Horde. In her letter, Lohni explains that Hordak blames her for Adora joining the rebellion and has threatened to send her to the slave pits on The Horde homeworld. Refusing the help of Bow and Kowl, Adora quickly transforms into She-ra to get to the Fright Zone quicker. Bow and Kowl decided to follow anyway in case Adora needs help.

On her travel, She-ra encounters a distressed Tyrosaur. Confused as to why it is on the mainland, as Tyrosaur are native to Beast Island, she healed it's injured wing. It licks her face in gratitude before flying away. She precedes to the Fright Zone and reverts back to Adora when she enters.

Adora finds Lohni but is soon confronted by Hordak, who revealed the letter was a trick. Adora feels betrayed but soon learns Lohni only took part in the scheme because Hordak is holding her father hostage on Beast Island for ransom. While Hordak arrest Adora, Bow enters and attempts to rescue her but is captured himself. Kowl sneaks in and retrieved the sword of protection moments before Hordak gives the orders for the captives to be imprisoned on Beast Island.

On Beast island, Kowl delivers the Sword of Protection to Adora in her prison cell. After transforming to She-ra, She free's herself and Bow before being met by Lohni. Having seen the error of her ways, Lohni wants to help free Adora. She-ra tells her that Adora is safe but they can rescue her father together.

She-ra, Bow, and Lohni find the latter father on Vulture Perch. Hordak and Shadow Weaver attack, but She-ra disables them and their horde troopers. Changing her sword to a Lasso, She-ra free's Lohni father. The rebels escaped the prison only to be confronted by rampaging beasts. Suddenly, they are saved by the Tyrosaur She-ra helped earlier as they climbed aboard the Tyrosaur and prepare to fly to safety, Lohni decides to join Adora as a member of the resistance.


Loo-Kee: "Hi! It's me again, Loo-Kee. Did you find my hiding place today? If not, want another chance? Okay. Do you see me? Here I am! In today's show, She-Ra helped a Tyrosaur, and became a special friend. Have you ever thought of how many special friends you have to help you? Like teachers and doctors, policemen and of course parents. We're lucky to have special friends like that."

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