The Gargons are a race of humanoids native to Eternia. They resemble humanoid gargoyles with glowing yellow eyes.

They all wear silver helmets with horns that are easilly detached or broken off during battle. Their uniform consists of a blue tunic and a black belt, with nothing worn underneath, white gloves and blue boots. The higher ranking in their number sport mechanical looking wings which may have been part of their armor or a status symbol rather than organic. The more common soldiers have no visible wings and both versions use flying disks as transport. They use nets to capture their prey and are also armed with freeze ray guns.

The Gargons served as guards and enforcers for Queen Balina of Targa, who paid them for every captive they brought in, especially captives from Operon. Three Gargons tried to capture Princess Rhea of Operon, but were thwarted by He-Man and Battle Cat. He-Man was later discovered by Gargons and taken to Targa after being knocked unconscious by a falling tree

After earning his freedom and regaining his memories, He-Man was presented by with his Power Sword by one of the Gargon guards. Meanwhile, unknown to He-Man, Battle Cat had been trapped in a pit trap and Rhea had finally been captured by the Gargons. Later, her father King Thales was escorted into the city by Gargons when he turned himself in to Queen Balina.

After the defeat of Balina, the former slave Garn was crowned ruler of Targa by King Thales. The Gargons remained as guards and protectors of the city. Some of them even smiled and waved at He-Man and Battle Cat as they headed home.


  • The Gargons resemble the Palace Guard action figure from Galoob's Blackstar line, based on the Filmation cartoon of the same name.
  • During production of the episode, Gorgon's guards from The Defection were going to be reused as Queen Balina's warriors instead of the Gargons.
  • In the in the minicomic Slave City! which is based on the same story, the Gargons place is taken by the Kobolds.



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