Garn is a character from the Masters of the Universe franchise.


Garn appears in both the Slave City! minicomic and the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe episode "A Tale of Two Cities." In both stories he is a slave gladiator of Targa who faces an amnesiac He-Man for the villain's amusement (Lodar or Queen Balina, depending of the version) in exchange for his freedom. When He-Man recovers his memory, he defeats Garn, but spares his life. At the end Garn, who has learnt about goodness and mercy from He-Man, is left to protect Targa from any further threat.

A Brazilian edition of "Slave City" changes Garn into the prince of Targa, who is overthrown and jailed by Lodar. The story that follows is mostly the same, but when he faces the amnesiac hero, he is in his Prince Adam identity (and doesn't transform into He-Man at all in the comic). When Garn is about to defeat Adam in the arena, Adam convinces him that he must not get his freedom from following Lodar's demands, but he should free his people from Lodar instead. Then Garn reaches and defeats Lodar.



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