The Golden Books Hardcover series is a series of six books centered around He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. The books were written by Bryce Knorr and published by Golden Books in 1985.


Once Upon A Time...
A rocket from Earth crashed far, far away. The pilot found herself lost on the planet Eternia.
Eternia looked like Earth. But magic and strange beasts and wonderful machines filled this world.
The Earth woman Marlena married Eternia's King Randor. They had a son, Prince Adam. The Prince grew up in the palace, but the secret of his destiny was locked inside Castle Grayskull along with the ancient secrets of Eternia.
The guardian of Castle Grayskull was Sorceress. She kept watch over Eternia, flying as the falcon Zoar, and used her mystical powers to defend the side of goodness.
It was Sorceress who told Prince Adam his destiny and gave him the Power Sword. With it, he became He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe and the protector of Castle Grayskull. Prince Adam's pet tiger Cringer turned into the mighty Battle Cat, He-Man's faithful companion.
Only Orko, the court magician, and Man-At-Arms, He-Man's best friend, knew this secret. Even Prince Adam's parents and Teela, captain of the guard, saw him only as the prince of Eternia. Prince Adam kept his secret because danger lived on Eternia.
On one side of the planet, the sun never shined. There, inside Snake Mountain, the wicked Skeletor planned new ways to find out Castle Grayskull's secrets. And still others with bad intentions waited on other worlds, ready to disturb Eternia's peaceful way of life.
Against them all stood only He-Man and the Masters of the Universe!

Books in the Series

  1. I Have the Power
  2. Skeletor's Flower of Power
  3. He-Man Smells Trouble
  4. The River of Ruin
  5. Teela's Secret
  6. The Horde


  • These books have a method of distinguishing when Prince Adam/He-Man and Skeletor are speaking. Prince Adam/He-Man's lines appear in boldface, while Skeletor's appear in bold italics.
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