Grizzlor- The Legend Comes Alive!

"Grizzlor: The Legend Comes Alive!" is a minicomic from the Masters of the Universe toy line. It was included with the Grizzlor action figure.


Heroic Warriors
Teela, Man-At-Arms, Fisto, Buzz-Off, He-Man, Roboto, The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull
Evil Horde
Grizzlor, Hordak


At the Heroic Warriors' encampment, Buzz-Off tells a scary tale about a creature known as Grizzlor, but Man-At-Arms assures Grizzlor is just a legend.

Breaking camp at sunrise, the Heroic Warriors head to the Royal Palace and Buzz-Off finds footprints so large that he think could belong to Grizzlor, but he's believed to be crying wolf. Hordak, who is watching the Heroic Warriors, sends Grizzlor to bring Teela to him. Grizzlor outmatches the Heroic Warriors and brings Teela to Etheria through a portal. Fisto and Man-At-Arms follow him to the portal while Buzz-Off goes after help. At Fright Zone, Hordak explains why does he want Teela: back when Skeletor was his apprentice, he told him about the bond between Teela and the Sorceress, so Hordak wants Teela to tell him all secrets and weaknesses of the Sorceress to conquer Eternia. When Teela refuses, Hordak sends her to his Dungeon of Horrors.

Far away, at Castle Grayskull, He-Man and Roboto find the Sorceress weakened, as if part of her was being attacked. Buzz-Off arrives to tell about Teela's capture, so He-Man and Roboto follow him in the Wind Raider to the portal, where the others are awaiting. They cross to Etheria, where Roboto keeps Hordak occupied while Fisto saves Teela and He-Man caches them both with the Wind Raider. Grizzlor tries to stop them, but sees his own reflection on Teela's shield and runs scared. Hordak also escapes during his fight with Roboto. The Heroic Warriors return to Eternia, where Teela tells she will listen Buzz-Off's warnings from now on, until Fisto reminds her that Buzz-Off is always crying wolf. Buzz-Off decides to put an end to his grim tales.


  • Skeletor knowing about the bond between Teela and the Sorceress seems related to Teela's origin from The Tale of Teela!, where he magically cloned the Goddess (early version of the Sorceress) to create Teela. The Sorceress feeling weakness with Teela in Hordak's clutches seems to support this. However, it is implied in a way so veiled that the story still works with other versions of Teela's origin.
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