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He-Man as he appears in Masters of the Universe: Revelation.


During one of the many adventures they shared, He-Man and Teela found themself at the Wolf Gate that led into Snake Mountain. Teela had fallen into the trap door, but managed to escape before He-Man arrived on the scene. Working together, they defeated Whiplash and knocked him into the net below the trap door from which Teela had just emerged.[1]

Another adventure was had aboard the luxury liner Sea Eagle in the Crystal Sea, which had been taken over by Skeletor, Evil-Lyn and Mer-Man, who's Aquatican underlings had secured He-Man's wrists with special cuffs powered by a magic crystal. He-Man and Teela were dragged into the water to drown, but Man-At-Arms, wearing special scuba attachements, swam out of nowhere to save them. Back on board the Sea Eagle, the heroic warriors swiftly defeated Skeletor and his warriors,[2]

When the Orlax of Primeria appeared in the Royal Palace of Eternos and touched King Randor with one of it's tentacles, the King immediately fell into a coma. But when He-Man drew his sword of power, the Orlax disappeared before it could even be touched by the weapon. Randor was taken to the Sorceress in Castle Grayskull in the hope of her finding a cure for his illness. She tasked He-Man to learn more about the origin of the mythical Orlax by travelling back 500 years into the past via the Cosmic Corridor.

During Preternian times, He-Man observed the Orlax's first visit to Eternia, as well as the creation of the Sword of Power by King Grayskull. He then stepped in to safe Ro Littlegray by cutting off another of the Orlax's tentacles. After mentioning that the creature was called the Orlax, the Hero suggested that King Grayskull might disguise the location of the Hall of Wisdom and encouraged young Ro to keep training with his father. He then left with the second severed limb to go back to his own time.

Back in Castle Grayskull, the tentacle soon regenerated itself into the full Orlax, which was safely kept in a magical cell so that the Sorceress could try to communicate with it. The Heroic Warriors now realized that the Orlax was afraid to touch them, not wanting to put them into danger, but also knew that it was not in full control of itself.[3]

Some time later, He-Man and Battle Cat leapt into action when the forces of Skeletor launced a large scale attack on Grayskull. Traveling from the Royal Palace, the mighty beast jumped from rooftop to rooftop to reach Grayskull as fast as possible. He-Man saved Man-At-Arms from the Bashasaurus and knocked most of Skeletor's Skelcon footsoldiers of their feet using the seismic shockwave created by a single punch to the ground.

He-Man entered the Castle atop Battle Cat, who jumped down into it's very heart. He-Man easilly countered all of Skeletor's attacks, but was shocked when the Lord of Destruction used his Havoc Staff to burn Moss Man to a crisp. Enraged, He-Man lunged his sword straight at his mortal enemy, but found himself tricked into using the sword to open the Orb of Power. He-Man attempted to absorb the magical energy of the Orb with his sword, which split in two. When this happened, Battle Cat transformed back into Cringer and He-Man reverted back to Prince Adam. Skeletor attempted to grab the two halves of the sword for himself, and both he and Adam were obliterated in the explosion caused by the magical impact. The only thing which remained was the top of Skeletor's Havoc Staff.[4]


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