He-Man Mutant is the 18th episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

He-Man wants to infiltrate the Evil Mutants' headquarters, and turns himself into a mutant using the Scientists' new Mutator machine. But in doing so, he loses his identity and soon joins Skeletor's side, who renames him 'Cruncher'.

Plot Summary

Aboard the Starship Eternia, Captain Hydron and Spinwit are patrolling a section of the planetary shield that has weakened in case of a Mutant attack. Indeed, soon Quakke and BH manage to break through the shield on a direct course for Primus in a Shuttle Pod. On the planet below, He-Man is alerted by the Shield Alarm and boards a Battle Bird to meet the incomming Mutant craft. Together with his loyal pet Clawber he captures the two mutants, after which Hydron prepares to escort them and their vehicle to be imprisoned in Onnor. However, this was all part of a plan concocted by Skeletor.

In the floating city of Levitan, He-Man wonders why the mutants appeared to be pleased to have been captured. He confesses to Mara that he would like to infiltrate their headquarters. The Scientists of Primus offer a solution for his problem: they have just perfected a Mutator machine that can change the physical appearance of any Priman to that of a Mutant. After Alcon inadvertedly tests the machine on himself, He-Man demands to that he enters the machine next. Unfortunately, because He-Man's Eternian physiology differs from that of the Primans, the Mutation process changed his mind as well as his body.

Having no memory of his true self, the Mutant formerly known as He-Man drops his sword, destroys the Mutator and wanders into the prison section, where Quakke and BH suggest that he should free them, being fellow Mutants. Their next step is to steal a starship to make their escape, and Quakke is smart enough not to take their own Shuttle Pod, which has a Disruptor attached to it. They decide to take the Starship Eternia instead. He-Mutant forces Hydron and Flipshot to act as their pilots.

Skeletor is pleased that Quake and BH have succesfully done their part, and have captured two Guardians and brought along a new Mutant as well. After testing his loyalty, Skeletor names the strong mutant who can't remember his own name 'Cruncher'. Master Sebrian is overseeing the reconstruction of the Mutator by the four scientists, but their efforts fail and the machine explodes into even smaller pieces than before. Now there is now way to change He-Man back into his true form.

On the Mutant Mothership, Skeletor allows Flogg to start phase 2 of his plan by releasign the Disruptor from the captured Shuttle Pod. The small device flew by it's own power towards the Vasionic Resonator. It caused the Inner Council and to a lesser degree Master Sebrian to lose their concentration and the shield around the planet Primus to fail. With the shield down, Skeletor and Flogg were able to land on the planet and immediately claimed victory. They took 'Cruncher' with them, who was still carrying his two captives, Hydron and Flipshot.

The Mutants left Cruncher to guard his captives in the Council chamber. Cruncher failed to recognize his pet Clawber nor his sword when the mechanical bird returned it to him. However, the longer he held the sword, more of his memories returned and by saying the words "By the Power of Eternia, I have the Power", Cruncher managed to refert himself back to his Eternian form. Sebrian told He-Man to find the device that was disrupting the shield. Clawber located the disruptor for him and knocked it out of the air, enabling He-Man to destroy it with a mighty blow from his Sword of Power.

Clearheaded once more, Sebrian and the Inner Council were able to raise the shield again, and the mutants made a hasty escape crammed into the same Shuttle Pod that had originally been captured. Later, He-Man and Drissi reflect on this adventure. When a large scaled creature suddenly emerges from a lake, He-Man wants to defend Drissi, but she shows him the creature is gentle and friendly.


Alcon excitedly tells Master Sebrian he has invented the ultimate travel device: a book. But He-Man, Caz, Krex, Gepple and Meldoc are each already immersed in a book on Sebrian's couch.

Behind the Scenes


  • When He-Man tells BH and Quakke to 'drop 'em', Quakke answers 'I don't think so' in BH's voice, before switching back to his regular voice with his next line.

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