He-Man and the Insect People is the title of a Masters of the Universe minicomic. The artwork was drawn by Alfredo Alcala.


Heroic Warriors
King Randor, Prince Adam/He-Man, The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, Buzz-Off, Mekaneck, Teela
Evil Warriors
Beast Man
Other Heroic Characters
Kex queen


King Randor, Queen Marlena and their son Adam study the history of planet Eternia when suddenly there's an earthquake. Adam gets his mother to safety, and goes for help as an excuse to transform into He-Man, who saves Randor. The Sorceress calls He-Man, telling him that the earthquake was no accident. He-Man asks the Heroic Warriors to accompany him to Castle Grayskull.

At Grayskull, the Sorceress tells the Heroic Warriors that something deep within Eternia is draining her powers and they must go to the core of Eternia to find what it is.

Underground, the Heroic Warriors face a Borebug, and a giant spider catches Teela with its web. The Borebug and the spider are revealed to work for Beast Man, who has captured the Kex people and their queen, so when their eggs hatch will become his army. The Kex queen struggles against the magic bonds that trap her, which is what causes the earthquakes. one of such earthquakes causes rubble to almost falls on the eggs, but He-Man saves them.

Beast Man threatens Teela's life if He-Man tries to do anything else, but the eggs begin hatching and Beast Man gets distracted, so the Heroic Warriors take the chance to fight Beast Man's insect servants, and Buzz-Off leads the Kex to help. He-Man fights Beast Man and throws him into a lake. The freed Kex queen tries to use Beast Man's own whip against him, but he escapes, scared. The Heroic Warriors are declared honorary members of the Kex society.


  • The part about earthquakes endangering insect people's eggs is loosely based on the Filmation episode Eye of the Beholder.
  • The Kex are very similar to Buzz-Off, but no link is established during the story. Buzz-Off's Classics bio reveals that the Andreenids (Buzz-Off's species) and the Kex are distantly related.
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