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Hoove was an action figure from the He-Man toyline and one of the Evil Mutants. Hoove’s main power is that he can deliver powerful punches and kicks.

Toyline Biography

Stubborn, Mule-headed Mutant from the evil planet Denebria. Has a mean temper and an even meaner battle kick.

The New Adventures of He-Man

"The pride of Primus's space force; a child and a woman!"

Hoove was one of Flogg's top Lieutenants. A cunning and ruthless Mutant, Hoove was stationed on the Mutant Mothership, where he had a work station which allowed him to make computations regarding Flogg's battle plans. Hoove was also known for his piloting skills, often acting as the squadron leader during Mutant air attacks. Hoove was one of the first Mutants to battle He-Man after he arrived on Primus, but was quickly overpowered and forced to retreat.

Hoove was often paired up with his fellow Mutant, Karatti; the two villains appeared to be work well together, and were a competent duo that combined brains and brawn. Hoove possessed considerable strength, able to tear a tree up from the ground and swing it around while fighting Flipshot in battle.

As one of the more intelligent Mutants, Hoove was often selected by Skeletor himself to take command of missions, the lord of destruction apparently having more faith in his abilities than those of the other, more dim-witted Mutants. Soon after his arrival among the Mutant ranks, Skeletor chose Hoove to lead an assault on the Titus Observatory, a mission Hoove swiftly accomplished. Shortly after this, Skeletor again chose Hoove to lead an attack on Primus, sending him to attack the underground city of Onnor. Hoove's second mission for Skeletor ended in failure, as the Transport Tubes to the city had been filled with Gepple's Goo, forcing the Mutants to retreat.

During the Mutant occupation of Primus, Hoove's Terrorclaw squadron took control of Titus. Shortly after this victory, Skeletor chose Hoove to lead the Mutant efforts to draw He-Man out of hiding. Shortly thereafter, Hoove participated in the battle for Levitan, and was forced to make a withdrawal with the other Mutants when He-Man rallied the people of Primus against them, inciting a full scale rebellion.

Hoove boards his Shuttle Pod.

Following this, Hoove was scarcely seen, often playing a supporting role during Mutant assaults, but with less prominence than he had enjoyed previously. He finally returned to prominence when the Mutants came under attack from the mysterious Royka and Molden, two seemingly godlike entities who took the form of huge, circular battleships. Royka and Molden's ships led a deadly assault against both the Mutants and Primans simultaneously, prompting Flogg to order Hoove to lead a Shuttle Pod attack against the hugely powerful vessels. Much to his frustration, Hoove found that his weapons did no damage to the ships at all, even after launching Laser Bombs at point blank range.

The battle with Royka and Molden ended with them inviting the Mutants and Galactic Guardians to participate in "The Games", a series of trials which would pit both forces against one another. Hoove was chosen to participate in the games on the Mutants team. In order to bolster their forces for the upcoming games, Skeletor and Flogg tricked Yolt, the Blacksmith of Crelus, into designing new weapons for them. Yoly upgraded Hoove's armour, allowing him to increase the size of his feet and fists and deliver more powerful attacks in battle. Despite some initial difficulties adjusting to his new powers, Hoove soon became accustomed to this new ability.

Hoove, in his new armour, battles He-Man.

Despite their new powers, the Mutants would ultimately lose the games, though this turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as He-Man and the Guardians were imprisoned by Royka and Molden after their victory. Taking advantage of the situation, Flogg ordered an all out attack on Primus, and Hoove was ordered to contact Nordor and instruct all Mutants to get their Shuttle Pods airborne for a final assault. Despite their overwhelming strength, the Mutants were defeated by the surprise return of He-Man, and Flogg finally agreed to surrender. Hoove was present for the final surrender, witnessing the end of the war and leaving with Flogg in the Mothership.

DC Comics

Hoove as he appears in "Masters of the Universes".

Hoove appears in the DC Comics mini-series He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse, where he encounters Anti Keldor and several different incarnations of He-Man. Hoove is one of several Mutants who have broken free from their cells on Starship Eternia, which now serves as their prison following the end of the war with Primus. Hoove was last seen fleeing from the arrival of Keldor and the other He-Men, and he does not join the other Mutants during their attack shortly after this, hinting that he may have escaped during the chaos.


The New Adventures of He-Man (cartoon)

DC Comics

Behind The Scenes

  • Hoove concept art by David Wolfram.

    Hoove was designed by David Wolfram. The early version of Hoove had orange skin and a more horse-like face. The London Editions UK Adventure Magazines and 1989 Annual used this original design, before the toy with the definitive appearance was released.
  • The series bible described Hoove as "the most independent of the Mutants, even challenging Flogg's orders on occasion", though he was never seen challenging Flogg in the series.
  • While a prominent character in early episodes of the cartoon, Hoove faded into the background following "The Battle for Levitan". He would not receiving a speaking role in the series again until "The Call to the Games" in which he once again became an important part of the series. Hoove's increased role in these later episodes was due to him receiving a new figure; Too-Tall Hoove, which features extending hands and feet. The cartoon adapted this slightly, and rather than extending his limbs, Hoove was given the power to grow them to larger sizes.