Icer is a character from the 1980s cartoon series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe by Filmation.


Appearing in only one episode, "The Ice Age Cometh", he is an evil warrior who serves as Skeletor's northern agent who resides in the Arctic-like northern regions of Eternia. He has an eskimo-like appearance, with a furry hood, and has an ice-blue body which appears to actually be made of ice. His powers are to freeze any living being simply by touching them, as well as being able to melt himself into a water puddle in order to travel under closed doors and various surfaces. He can also camouflage himself into icy surroundings, and has power over ice and snow. His main weakness is that he is unable to withstand heat.

He is the main villain of his singular episode, in which upon Skeletor's instructions, he takes over the Eternian weather station and infiltrates Eternia with a snowstorm. Voiced by John Erwin in a cold, monotonous voice, which makes for an interesting contrast with his surprisingly witty and often humorous dialogue. He is thus a memorable character, appearing dark and menacing while simultaneously possessing an aura of wit and humor.


  • Icer is notable as being one of the few warriors in the series to have been created by the writers of Filmation rather than based on one of Mattel's action figures upon which the show is based.
  • Icer is the only Filmation designed one-shot Evil Warrior to appear in season two.
  • During the design phase, Icer was known as both 'Snow Man' and 'Ice Man'. His final look was designed by model artist Charles Zembillas. Icer's model sheet indicates him being approximately a foot and a half taller than He-Man.
  • Icer was released as an articulated action figure in August 2013 as part of Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics toyline.


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