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The fourth and last Icons of Evil special tells how Kronis became Trap Jaw.


At Snake Mountain, Kronis criticizes Skeletor, telling him that since he lost his face, has become irrational, unworthy to lead. Skeletor knocks Kronis out and orders Beast Man and Whiplash to throw him away from Snake Mountain, so he will learn that he cannot survive alone in the Dark hemisphere, which has become a chaos of feuding bandits after the rise of the Mystic Wall.

Kronis is ambushed by bandits, but he defeats them and becomes their leader. They go to an encampment and kill the general, after which Knonis commands the men to become his army.

With time, Kronis' army has several successful raids, offering the defeated the option of joining such army or die. When the army is big enough, Kronis decides to attack Snake Mountain.

At Snake Mountain, Tri-Klops informs Skeletor that his Doomseekers have confirmed the informs about Kronis' massive army, and they come to Snake Mountain. An enraged Skeletor shoots Tri-Klops with the Havoc Staff.

Kronis' army battle Skeletor's creatures, while Kronis himself climbs the mountain to find Skeletor. They fight and Skeletor burns Kronis' face, which turns green. Skeletor then blows off Kronis' right arm, but Kronis still fights until Skeletor destroys his jaw.

When Skeletor has Kronis at his mercy, Kronis reaches Skeletor's shoulder with his left hand. Skeletor notices Kronis is begging for his life, so he decides that he is impressed with everything Kronis has managed during his exile and spares his life. Tri-Klops arrives to tell Skeletor that Kronis' army has been defeated. Skeletor goes to deal with the survivors and orders Tri-Klops to repair Kronis.

Later, Evil-Lyn talks to the cybernetically repaired Kronis. She says that she used to respect him, but now that he begged for his life after everything Skeletor did to him, he disgusts her. Kronis says that he wasn't begging for his life; he was trying to strangle Skeletor. He will remain with Skeletor, refering ot the old phrase, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer". He thne declares that his new name is Trap-Jaw.


  • Of the four specials, this is the only one that happens after Keldor has become Skeletor and the Mystic Wall was raised.

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