For the vehicle after which this episode is named, see The Juggernaut

Juggernaut is the 19th episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

Adam helps Hydron and Flipshot rescue a young alien girl named Vadora, who has lost her home and parents to the Evil Mutants. Werban becomes her guardian, but all is not as it seems.

Plot Summary

Captain Hydron and Lieutenant Flipshot are on patrol when they receive a distress call from a young girl named Vadora heading for a hole in the planetary shield in her spaceship. Adam of Grayskull, unable to change into He-Man, lends a hand by flying up in the Starship Eternia. Hydron and Flipshot chase off the Mutant Shuttle Pods that were following Vadora and together with Adam they guide her ship to a safe landing.

The newly appointed to be Minister of the Interplanetary Rights, Werban, presents Vadora as the only survivor of the planet Tetran to a gathering of the Inner Council, who are all very moved by the young girl's story. Because she has lost her parents and her home, Vadora requests to spend the night on her spaceship. That night, Adam is hearing strange sounds coming from the vessel and investigates. He arrives just in time to see the shell of the vehicle burst open to reveal a mighty drilling machine: The Juggernaut. Vadora's eyes start to glow, her voice changes and she picks up Adam with ease, swinging him around and tossing him away. Then she runs to her new guardian, Werban, claiming Adam is after her.

Adam realizes Vadora is in fact a robot disguised as a little girl sent to Primus by the evil Skeletor. Her next objective is to use the Juggernaut's drill to destroy the underground city of Onnor and the Oasis. At the same time, Flogg and his Mutants will attack the floating city of Levitan and destroy the Trifusium Crystal Generator. Skeletor intends to find and obliterate his arch enemy He-Man himself.

Vadora has returned to the Juggernaut to start her path of destruction. She destroys two Astrosubs and nearly crushes Master Sebrian and Mara, but they are saved by He-Man in the nick of time. The three of them rush down to Onnor using the Transport Tubes, but Werban still believes Vadora to be innocent. The Galactic Guardians gather all their defences to stop the Juggernaut, but their vehicles and weapons prove to be no match for it. He-Man uses the Power Sword to cut his way into the machine to face Vadora herself, who sheds her disguise to reveal a large robot form underneath. He-Man manages to electrocute the robot and finally halt the Juggernaut. Then Skeletor contacts Vadora to say the Mutants will be penetrating the shield shortly.

The Starship Eternia meets the incoming Mutant fleet at the hole in the shield and reveals itself to be carrying the Juggernaut. It begins to fire on the Mutant Fleet, and when they turn to escape, uses a large magnet to pull itself after them. Back in Onnor, Gleep announces that it has repaired and reprogrammed Vadora, who now refers to it as 'uncle Gleep'.


Gleep reminds Flipshot about recycling material after being hit on the head with a aluminum can and reveals he is made out of recycled parts himself.

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Evil Mutants

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  • Vadora (first and only Jetlag Productions appearance)





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