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Karatti is an action figure from the Mattel He-Man toy line and a character from the 1990 animated series The New Adventures of He-Man. He is a martial arts expert.

The New Adventures of He-Man

"Let's see how well you fight using my weapon...hands!"

Karatti was a fierce Mutant fighter serving under Flogg and a master of martial arts. While Karatti, like many of Flogg’s top Lieutenants, had a station on the bridge of the Mutant Mothership, he was most effective when he was in the field. Karatti was often partnered his Hoove, the two of them forming a deadly combination of brains and brawn.

When He-Man arrived in the future, Karatti was one of the first Mutants to engage him in battle. During their first encounter, He-Man quickly bested Karatti, who was forced to retreat. Karatti would soon have a chance for a rematch, and encountered He-Man once again during a mission to locate the entrance to the underground city of Onnor on Primus. Shortly after this, Karatti assisted in the kidnapping of the Scientists of Primus, and fought Hydron in the Quagmi Swamp, dismissing the Captain as a coward for not standing still and fighting him fairly.

Karatti delivers a powerful kick.

During their second meeting, Karatti proved to be a formidable opponent for the most powerful man in the universe, fearlessly leaping into battle and knocking the Power Sword from He-Man’s hand before knocking him to the ground. Hoove attempted to deliver a final blow using a Terrorclaw, only for He-Man to overpower them and force them to abandon the Terrorclaw and flee. Shortly after this, Karatti, along with Lizorr and Crita, participated in the Mutants all-out attack on Primus and personally captured Master Sebrian at his home.

During the Mutant occupation of Primus, Karatti lead an assault against the underwater city of Serus, reporting complete victory back to Flogg. Karatti would later return to duties on the Mothership, where he grew suspicious of a Mutant Trooper on the bridge. Stopping the trooper, Karatti demanded that he show the proper respect to Flogg and perform the Mutant salute. The trooper saluted with the wrong hand, revealing himself to be He-Man in disguise. Karatti attempted to gun He-Man down, but was once again defeated.

"Wrong hand!"

Karatti was later present on Levitan to witness He-Man’s surrender and execution at the hands of Skeletor. When the gathered masses of Priman citizens turned on the Mutants, Karatti and Hoove prepared to open fire, but were overwhelmed and force to retreat to the Mothership.

Karatti was scarcely seen following this; he would still participate in battles on occasion, but would usually remain at his station on the Mothership.


The New Adventures of He-Man (cartoon)

DC Comics

Behind the Scenes

Crystoll, the early design for Karatti.

  • Despite being a prominent character in early episodes of the series, Karatti’s last speaking role in the series was “The Battle for Levitan” (with some grunts being heard in “Fading Star”). This was due to the third wave of action figures, released in 1990, taking precedence in the series when it was picked up for a 65 episode run.
  • The Series Bible described Karatti as "all muscle" and "constantly disagreeing with Skeletor". Despite this, Karatti's conflict with Skeletor was never shown in the series as the two characters did not often interact.
  • Karatti's prototype name was Crystoll, and he was supposed to be a crystal creature. Some comicbooks used the character with the name Karatti but the original appearance, before the toy with the definitive appearance was released.
  • Karatti's Masters of the Universe Classics bio is taken directly from Crystoll's description in early magazine previews. Notably in refers to Karatti having a hard head, when this is not a feature of the character.