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Kayo, aka Tatarus is an action figure from the Mattel He-Man toy line and a character from the 1990 animated series The New Adventures of He-Man.

Valiant Space Warrior & Pilot from the Terra region of planet Primus located in the Tri-Solar System. His Energy Bazooka and devastating knock-out punch make him fearless in battle. So when an emergency arises, it is Kayo who pilots the Astrosub on a dangerous mission to find the enemy's base.

Mission: To aid He-Man and the rest of the Galactic Guardians in their battle against Skeletor and his Evil Mutants from the planet Denebria.

Battle Equipment: Space Helmet, Energy Bazooka, shoulder space armor.

Behind the Scenes

His name is a play on "K.O", which is an abbreviation of the word "knockout". This is due to his punching abilities.


Kayo first appears in Skeletor's Journey trying to recover the Trifusium Crystal that was stolen by the Mutants Slush Head and Optikk. He is captured, but escapes during the distraction created by Skeletor's arrival, though fails to take the crystal with him.

In Battle for the Crystal, Kayo sends a distress signal that is answered by the arrival of He-Man, Hydron and Flipshot.

In The Revenge of Skeletor! Kayo faces Optikk at the Titus observatory, and defeats him with a punch on his face/eye, accompanied by the one-liner "made you blink!"


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Kayo was mostly a background character in the animated series, but ge begins getting some importance near the end of the series when he becomes one of the Galactic Guardians' contingent taking part in the games. In the episode The Blacksmith of Crelus, Kayo gets a Rocket Backpack from Yolt.


Kayo was released in the first wave of the He-Man toyline. He included a removable helmet and shoulderpads, a firearm and a wrist shield. By turning his waist, he could punch with his right hand or block with the left one.

A second version of Kayo was intended for a later wave, but it never went beyond the prototype.


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