The Kobolds are a race of humanoids native to Eternia. They resemble goblins with reptilian traits and protruding backbones. They have blue faces that may be or not be masks.

The Gargons are minions of Lodar in Slave City! Several Kobolds tried to capture Princess Rana of Targa, but they were thwarted by He-Man and Battle Cat. He-Man was later discovered by Kobolds and taken to Targa after being knocked unconscious by a falling boulder. They also manage to capture Battle Cat and Rana with a net.

After He-Man defeats Lodar, the Kobolds flee at the sight of their master losing. Afterwards, Lodar and the Kobolds are banished underground.


  • The Kobolds' faces bear a strong resemblance to the masks of the Silurians, a reptilian race from the BBC TV series Doctor Who.


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