Kuduk Ungol was once the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. She was the predecessor of Teela Na, the current Sorceress during the lifetime of He-Man.

Little is known about Kuduk Ungol or the time in which she lived. The events surrounding the end of her career are obscure and probably predate modern Eternian history (although Ungol most likely was the immediate sucessor of Queen Veena as Sorceress of Castle Grayskull). Even in her own lifetime, Castle Grayskull was commonly regarded as an ancient legend. Even Teela Na is unsure as to her final fate, as she vanished soon after relinquishing her duties to her successor.


Ungol at some unspecified moment in the past on Eternia became entrusted in becoming the guardian of Castle Grayskull and thus charged with protecting its power, might as well as secrets from evil. She lived for many years where she remained trapped inside the Castle as she fulfilled her duty. Despite her longevity, she began to grow old and thus desired to find someone to replace her before she passed away. At the time, a young woman known as Teela Na had journeyed through the wasteland in order to find Castle Grayskull so that she could find help for her village that was besieged by the wizard Morgoth. Upon entering, Teela Na met with Kuduk Ungol who explained to the young woman the means of obtaining the power to save her village but that it would come at the price of becoming her replacement namely by taking the position of Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. Though Ungol knew that Teela Na had a good heart, she explained that the decision was ultimately hers.

Teela Na accepted and Kuduk Ungol sent her into the Pool of Power where Castle Grayskull would determine if she was pure and gentle. The magic of the Castle accepted her and transformed Teela Na into Zoar the falcon and thus gifted her with the great power to become the new Sorceress. After teaching her of her new power, Ungol allowed her replacement to save her village as well as banish Morgoth from Eternia. When she returned to Castle Grayskull, Kuduk Ungol had disappeared and the duty of the Sorceress was now in the hands of Teela Na who was tasked with protecting its secrets as well as the Swords of Power until they were needed.

The ultimate fate of Ungol is unknown.

Kuduk Ungol and Eternia's Goddess

It is believed Ungol received her powers of magic from the Goddess, the planet's most worshipped deity.


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