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"Leech: The Master of Power Suction Unleashed!" is a minicomic from the Masters of the Universe toy line. It was included with the Leech action figure.


Heroic Warriors

Man-At-Arms, Sy-Klone, King Randor, Prince Adam/He-Man, Fisto, Moss Man, Roboto

Evil Warriors

Mer-Man, Skeletor

Evil Horde

Leech, Hordak

Plot Summary

Scouting the Dread Sea, Man-At-Arms and Sy-Klone find a frightened Mer-Man. Suddenly, the cause of his fear appears: a huge sea beast that Mer-Man identifies as Leech. Leech drains Man-At-Arms strength until Sy-Klone punches him away.

Man-At-Arms and Sy-Klone bring Mer-Man to the Royal Palace, where Mer-Man tells King Randor that Leech is a master power thief and member of the Evil Horde, the legendary renegades who have returned from their interdimensional banishment. Prince Adam hides to become He-Man and call the Heroic Warriors to arms.

At the Fright Zone, Hordak scolds Leech for not having captured Mer-Man and orders him to not return until he has Mer-Man in his power.

The Heroic Warriors use Mer-Man as a bait to lure Leech to his doom, but Hordak sees He-Man in the Talon Fighter aiming at Leech, and grows to gargantuan size. Skeletor notices the fight from Snake Mountain and goes in the Land Shark to enjoy seeing his two mortal enemies fight each other.

Skeletor sees Mer-Man fleeing from Leech and drives the Land Shark towards his lackey, saving him. However, Leech drains the power from the Land Shark, so Skeletor and Mer-Man escape on foot.

He-Man puts the Talon Fighter into a kamikaze dive towards Hordak, and the crash sends Hordak spinning through a portal. Leech also escapes, and despite the Talon Fighter being pretty damaged, He-Man is all right and reunites with the Heroic Warriors.

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