Lessons is the 7th episode of the 2002 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series. It originally aired on October 11, 2002.


the episode begins when Orko tries to help finish rebuilding the castle but messed it up and decided to go to Castle Grayskull to ask the Sorceress to send back to his home to Trolla but the sorceress decided to disguise herself as an old man to help Orko to realize that he is needed and he can help people

meanwhile Skeletor requires the Ram Stone so he send Beastman, Trap Jaw and Evil-Lyn to go to the Ancient ruins of Zalesia at the Sands of Fire to get it. they fought against the Faceless One and once they defeated him they took it to Castle Grayskull so they can break in but he was defeat by He-Man and Orko, the Soreress is happy that it was Orko that saved the day Meanwhile Back at the Ancient ruins of Zalesia the faceless One saw that the Ram Stone have returned to its proper place and found the note knowing that his daughter Evil-Lyn was the one that return it to him and the faceless One said that there is still hope for her yet.


(Orko conjures up a dragon out of stone)
Orko: "Tadaa! And that's how you make a stone dragon! Well, everybody makes mistakes, but your friends appreciate you for who you are, even when you mess up."
Ram-Man: "Uh, Orko, you sure that dragon's made out of stone?"
Orko: "Oh, oh!" (the dragon makes a noise and breathes fire. Orko flies off to hide behind a statue)
Orko: "See ya next time! Oop! I hope..."

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