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Lieutenant Andra is a character from Masters of the Universe (Star comics). She is a former friend of Teela, having served together during their academy days.

Andra first appearance and biggest role is issue #9 "The Hate Stones", when she's promoted to lieutenant by King Randor. She quickly reacts to what seems an attack, but Prince Adam stops her, as it's just a Trollan magic pyramid that Montork uses to bring Dree Elle to visit. During an attack of the Evil Horde, when Adam is about to transform, Andra unknowingly interrupts him to save him from a shot of Mantenna's crossbow. Then she tells him to run to safety. Adam takes the chance to become He-Man and saves Andra from Mantenna. After Orko is possessed by the Hate Stones to avenge Dree Elle's injuries at Hordak's hand, Andra and Teela go to the Horde base War Star. When Teela goes alone near War Star, Andra follows her against orders and saves her from two Horde Troopers. When Orko notices what the Hate Stones are doing to him and throws them away, Andra throws them to the energy well of War Star, which destroys both War Star and the Hate Stones.

After that, she gets minor roles in later issues:

In issue #11 "Whose Enemy am I anyway?" Teela calls Lieutenant Andra, who asks for the right moment to attack the Horde invasion. The mission is almost ruined by the reckless actions of Rio Blast.

In issue #12, first part of "Lifetime" Andra asks where did Prince Adam go during the Snake Men attack, to which Teela answers that he tends to disappear at the sight of trouble. In the future depicted throughout the whole story, the character Andras is implied to be the future son of Andra.

Injustice Vs Masters of The Universe

In this story, Andra has joined the side of Faker of her own free will, believing that he brought prosperity to Eternia under his rule. It is unknown what happened to her after Faker defeat.

Masters of the Universe Classics Bios

Andra played a role in the Masters of the Universe Classics bio for the 2018 Karg figure. As in the Marvel Star comics, she was a Lieutenant in the Eternian Royal Guard. The Evil Warrior Karg developed a disturbing obsession with her. Andra later faced and defeated Karg during the Siege of Zot and sent him to Prison Starr.

Masters of the Universe Revelation

Andra in Masters of the Universe: Revelation

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