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Lizorr was an action figure from the Mattel He-Man toy line and a character from the 1990 animated series The New Adventures of He-Man.

Character history


Lizorr in "Skeletor's Journey".

Lizorr's was one of Flogg's henchmen; a reptillian creature who spoke with a hissing lisp. He warned Flogg about two Priman ships that the scanner had detected entering Denebrian space; one was Kayo's ship, and the other had been stolen by Skeletor, who soon arrived at Denebria and took control of the Mutants.

The New Adventures of He-Man

Lizorr in the Quagmi Swamp.

Lizorr was one of Flogg's Lieutenants, forming part of the bridge crew of the Mutant Mothership. Lizorr was never heard to speak, but from time to time, he would join the Mutants in battle.

Shortly after Skeletor arrived in the future, he engineered a number of plans to conquer Primus in which Lizorr took part. Lizorr formed part of a strike team assembled by Hoove to travel down to the underground city of Onnor and destroy the Inner Council before being repelled by Gepple's Goo[1]. Shortly after this, Lizorr accompanied Crita and Karatti and broke into Master Sebrian's Home, capturing the wise leader of Primus[2].

Lizorr and Hoove hold He-Man at gunpoint.

Some time later, Lizorr was present when Slush Head welcomed a diplomatic party from Primus to the Quagmi Swamp. When Slush Head accidentally revealed Skeletor's plan, he ordered Lizorr and Karatti to prevent the Galactic Guardians from escaping the swamp. Lizorr demonstrated the ability to extend his long, slimy tongue and used it to grab onto He-Man as he attempted to leave[3].

Lizorr was rarely seen after this; though he did play an important role in the Mutants' invasion of the planet Danzig, commanding a squadron of Mutants under orders from Staghorn. Lizorr used a Terrortread to assault the city, before being defeated and launched into space with the other Mutants[4].

Behind The Scenes

Early sketch of Lizorr by David Wolfram.

  • Lizorr is visually similar to the Gorn from the original Star Trek episode Arena, with his armor having a similar color pattern to their fur coats. This race also appears to have given its name to the Gorn Desert (and eventually Gorn City) of Denebria.
  • Lizorr was designed by David Wolfram, whose initial design for the character indicated that his leathery skin should change color like that of a chameleon.
  • Lizorr was the only toyline-based character in the animated series to never receive a single line of dialogue (though due to an animation error, dialogue from Karatti was played over footage of Lizorr in "Attack on Onnor". Lizorr is rarely seen throughout the series, with his most notable roles occurring in the episodes "Glasnost Schmasnost" and "The Power of the Good and the Way of the Magic", which marked his final appearance.


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