Loo-Kee Lends a Hand is the 55th episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power.


Loo-Kee, while trying to find a hiding place, is stunned to find the entire Whispering Woods frozen in place by an Evil Horde machine. He is summoned to the Crystal Castle where Light Hope reveals to Loo-Kee that Adora (who is also frozen, along with Spirit) is really She-Ra, and that he must go to Eternia and find her brother, Prince Adam, who Light Hope also reveals to be He-Man. Light Hope opens a portal to Eternia and Loo-Kee winds up at Snake Mountain where he witnesses Skeletor tell Beast Man he plans to kidnap Prince Adam and hold him to ransom. Skeletor uses a magic diamond that opens a portal which he says will take him straight into Prince Adam's bedroom, but warns Beast Man to stay back as it can only be used once. Seizing the opportunity, Loo-Kee darts through Skeletor's legs, knocking him to the ground, and dashes into the portal which shuts behind him, thwarting Skeletor's plan. The boney baddie blames Beast Man, and starts to chase him around Snake Mountain.

Loo-Kee winds up in Prince Adam's bedroom and he tells him what has happened on Etheria. Adam heads to Castle Grayskull with Loo-Kee and Orko. The Sorceress reveals that Loo-Kee and Orko won't be affected by the device as they are both magical creatures, and Adam will be protected by his sword once he becomes He-Man, so Adam transforms, and The Sorceress sends them all to Etheria. Once they emerge, Loo-Kee leads He-Man to where Adora is. He-Man is able to revive her by crossing his sword with Adora's and saying "By the Power of Grayskull". Once they reach the camp, Adora becomes She-Ra and she and He-Man are able to destroy the device.


Loo-Kee: "Hi! Today I know you found me, because I was part of the story. You know, none of us have powers like She-Ra and He-Man, but we can still do lots of things that are helpful to others. I'm not very strong, and my magic is just for hiding, but I helped She-Ra and He-Man today. Size is not the true measure of one's worth. Little people like you and me can do big things. So don't let being little keep you from being helpful."

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Behind the Scenes

  • Script was approved January 11, 1985 and final script revision took place March 25, 1985.
  • According to the model sheet, Frosta's horse is named Winter.
  • Loo-Kee is only the fifth character in the series to enter the Crystal Castle, after She-Ra, Swift Wind, Kowl and He-Man.



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