Madame Razz is a witch who lives in the Whispering Woods. She uses her abilities to help The Great Rebellion in their fight against Hordak and the Evil Horde.

Being a witch she has spellcasting abilities, and is able to brew potions in her cauldron. With the aid of Broom, she can fly. Madame Razz is very absent-minded, and frequently mispronounces spells or forgets them completely, due largely to her advanced age. However, they usually have a tendency to work out for the best regardless. She is the equivalent of Orko in the He-Man series, both as comic relief and for occasional periods of wisdom. As such, Madame Razz and Orko have become good friends, after they first meet when Orko accidentally went through a gate to Etheria. Also, most of their faces are usually covered by their hats. Madame Razz is one of four people on Etheria that knows Adora is She-Ra; she also tells the tale of how She-Ra met Light Hope, the gatekeeper of The Crystal Castle. Although they share her secret, the two never interacted during the run of the series. Through her friendship with Adora, Madame Razz also knows that her twin brother Adam is He-Man.

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